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The Scimitar

by Marco Dalmonte

I'll share it you a small adventure played in my campaign while the characters were travelling through Selenica as escort of a young lady (who was in fact an outsider, some kind of angel)

In Selenica, two different thief guild are fighting for the control of the city: The Scimitar (a CE group) and the Beggars (a CG group). The characters will be confronted to them and their inner fights into this short adventure in Selenica.

Synopsis: The characters are escorting a young lady toward Darokin. As they rest in Selenica, the lady disappear. The Scimitar just kidnapped her, with intent to put a good ransom. A sorcerer, an apprentice demonologist, buy her for a good price. The character will be helped by the Beggars in exchange of info about the Scimitar. In the end, a fight against the fiends summoned by the sorcerer will resolve if the lady will be sacrificed to the force of Hell.

The Scimitar: This band of thieves, rogues, fighters and assassins works for money. They do anything for money. They are commanded by an ambitious rogue that dream of control over the Selenica city. His men infiltrate many legal organisation in the city over the past years with subtlety.

Scimitar's leader: (Rogue 12) Cruel, ambitious but not reckless. He is patient but eager to kill anybody on his path.

The Beggars: Less in numbers than the Scimitar; they loose power over the years. While illegal, the beggars are accepted by the population of Selenica. They fight for the right of begging anywhere in the city. Many of them are also thieves. To be accepted as a member, one must present a visible handicap or deformity.

Beggar's leader: Cul-de-jatte (Rogue 10). As he name suggest, he have no legs and roll on wheeled plate. But he is renowned as a fighter : his plate is magical and can cast fly 3/day. Cul-de-jatte knows that the Beggars are loosing the city control for the Scimitar, but he also knows that for the city's sake, the Scimitar must be stopped. He have many legal contact and friends in good position in the city.

Earn the sorcerer (wizard, conjuration specialist 10) is the owner of the magic shop in Selenica. He have a good cover and keep his client's satisfaction. Nobody in the city knows about the black research in begin the make after he read a demonic book. He wants to become a demonologist and must make a good sacrifice for that. That's why he buy the girl.

Next time: The scenario in detail.