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The Death of Lamberto Fulvina - Episode I

by Giampaolo Agosta and Giovanni Porpora
Year 963 After Crowning

Episode I
The Bet

Dramatis Personae

The Viscount is currently 66 years old, but he uses potions of longevity to keep his body at the biological age of 41. He is quite tall for a Caurenzan, and has raven-black hair and thin moustaches. Lamberto is quite outgoing for the old man he really is. He still enjoys the nightlife of Glantri City, especially the parties given by Prince Alfonso de Belcadiz or by Prince Mario di Malapietra.

Don Ricardo is a young Belcadizian elf, who has a penchant for swashbuckling and romance. He befriended the Viscount of Verazzano at the Great School of Magic, where the young elf is still studying. They are good friends until now.


An elf and a human are watching the skyline of Glantri City from one of the balconies of the Mansion of the Belcadizian Prince. The elf is Don Ricardo de Belcadiz, son of Prince Alfonso of Belcadiz. The other is his guest, Visconte Lamberto Fulvina of Verazzano. They belong to an almost exclusive group of bon vivants and gallants of the City, who meet regularly in such parties. Among them can be counted many nobles, and even Princes, most of who come from Belcadiz or Caurenze. Don Ricardo and Signor Lamberto are now discussing one of the most popular topics: women. In this case, each of them has been trying to prove that their kin are the best lovers of Glantri.

RICARDO: You must admit, hombre, that we elves have a great advantage in romantic affairs. We can afford to wait, and we can spare the time needed to learn from experience.
LAMBERTO: I must point out that experience can be gathered quite easily, in this matter. It's not like learning magic, dear Don Ricardo!
RICARDO: Nevertheless, it takes time. Perhaps more than a human's life!
LAMBERTO: A rather pessimistic forecast, I believe. Now, would you consider sufficient experience, say... one woman for each of our beloved Principalities?
RICARDO: Not quite, Lamberto. But go on. What do you have in mind?
LAMBERTO: I would say that it could be done in a single month. I suppose this would shake your beliefs, wouldn't it?
RICARDO: And you would be able to do this, amico mio?
LAMBERTO: Of course.
RICARDO: Would you want to take a bet on it, then?
LAMBERTO: Si, si! But beware, you will have to publicly acknowledge that we Caurenzans have superior charm when dealing with ladies!
RICARDO: Only in the rather unlikely event that you will show such amazing prowess, my friend!
LAMBERTO: Bene, it is a bet then!

The two shake hands, then retire indoors to ask their friends to be the witnesses and judges of the bet. The chief judge will be Count Seisyll Wittels of Wylon, a neutral Alphatian noble, with everyone else as witnesses. They are to be in contact with Signor Lamberto through their crystal balls and a medallion Signor Lamberto will be wearing. A secret word activates Lamberto's medallion to project the image of its wearer and his immediate surroundings, while a special alchemical potion must be polished on the crystal balls to attune it to Lamberto's medallion.

Who will win the bet? Is there more to Signor Lamberto and Don Ricardo than friendly rivalry? Who will want Lamberto dead? Discover this and more in the second episode of The Death of Lamberto Fulvina: Lamberto's Trick.