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The Underworld

by Gordon McCormick

It came to pass that Kruhak left the confines of Caer Fulnow and went north to spread the word of Dhrom Dhum. Entering the Orclands he met Darfad, a shaman of Llogwyth. Kruhak listened to Darfad's words and though not converted, he learned that Vithra, Darfad's superior, lived in a cave above the Underworld.

Kruhak journeyed to the Cave of Vithra and met the gnoll shaman. Vithra tested Kruhak with words, with steel and with fire. When Kruhak passed the tests of Llogwyth, Vithra allowed Kruhak to enter the lands of the dead, accompanied by Darfad.

For many days they travelled further and further into the Underworld. They could hear the moans of the dead longing for release but plugged their ears with fungus to stop themselves from being driven mad. Once they came close to a Demon. They could feel the heat from a nearby cavern, and wisely turned back and tried a different route.

Eventually they discovered something that would change the world. Far into the lands of the dead Kruhak and Darfad found a village of Elves. Pale, quiet, terrifying in their power, these ghost elves quickly captured the two humanoids. After a day of torment in the hands of the dead elves the humanoids were taken away from the village and brought to a leader of these dead elves.

He asked what the two travellers were doing in the lands of the dead and Darfad and Kruhak told him, since they could not hide the truth from a ghost.

The ghost of the elf told them that his people had once lived in the sun until they had been driven out by the elves of Alfheim. Cursed to wander the Underworld while their cousins lived in the glory of the sun.

Darfad heard the tale and knew what must be done.

Kruhak and Darfad emerged from the Underworld one month after entering. The brought with them swords forged by the elven ghosts, and knowledge of the location of places where the ghosts would leave more of their powerful magical weapons. Vithra was told the tale of the dead elves and her anger was stirred.

The followers of Llogwyth would have a new mandate. No longer would the elves of Alfheim live safe and content beneath the sun. As they had denied the sun to their cousins, so would the followers of Llogwyth wreak their revenge on Alfheim. Vithra proclaims:

The forest trembles.

The elves will live in fear.

The dead will march again.


Obviously, the dead elves are just the shadow elves using the orcs. Also their magical weapons are just good steel elven weapons, but they will appear magical to the Orcs, having come from the dead and all...