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Random thoughts on the Radu Clan

by AllanP

I imagine Radu Manor is fairly old, certainly pre-dating the Torenescu Territory on the Hill. It d9minates the skyline of the hill in the Stronghold District, north of Mirror Bay. Does it date back to the Radus who were engaged in great construction wiorks – Petros, who built the Irrigation Channel, or Ilja who campaigned for the whole city to have a fortified wall? In the formal garden below Radu Manor’s east wing, a bust of Petros Radu sits atop a small column. The eyes of the bust gaze straight towards the city gate that allows entrance from the Duke’s Road. Some say this signifies the Radu faction watching trade into and out of the city. Whilst memorials to other Radus are found in the Manor grounds, it is the bust of Petros that dominates the area.

Are there any traces of the Veiled Society in the Manor? Maybe in a secret chamber beneath the Manor?
The Veiled Society has been in operation for “several generations” (K:KoA page 76), or to be more correct, the text says the Radu family “has run” the Veiled Society, which might be construed as meaning they ran it after someone else created it…? Perhaps Antonuo “The Great” defined the Society as it currently operates, enhancing the way the Society had evolved over the previous generations of the Radus.

Anton Radu was born in AC 937 )GAZ1 has him aged 63 in AC 1000). Ville proposes in his Vaults article that Anton became leader of the Radu clan in AC 960 – presumably on the death of his father, Antonio “The Great”. Antonio’s dates are AC 890 – 960. This makes Antonio a contemporary of Emmet Torenescu.

When the Thyatian Occupation took place, their fleet seems to have attacked and damaged a lot of the Church District; it doesn’t appear that the Stronghold District (the Radu base) suffered like that – is there something sinister here? Did the Radus know something about the impending arrival of the Thyatians? Did they do some sort of deal? Or did Antonio’s father have access to Magic Users who were able to cast a magical defence that negated such an attack on the Radu district?

What do we know about the Radus and thee building of Radu Manor between AC612 and AC900?