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Thoughts about thief abilities

by Shesheyan

Reading OSE (and B/X) and trying to find a middle ground between old and new editions I realize I'm very attached to thief percentile scores.

Level 1 chances of success:
- At level 1 the percentages remain the same, excepts for Climb Sheer Surfaces which starts at 30%. Hear Noise is 33% instead of 2 in 6 chances.

Anyone can attempt thief skills but with varying odds:
- The Thief is the expert at these skills. He adds his DEX score multiplied by 2. At Thief with DEX18 would have 36%+20% (56%) to move silently at level 1.
- A non-thief character only adds his DEX score once. A magic-user with a DEX score of 18 would have 18%+20% (38%) chances to move silently.

After level 1:
- Being the expert at these skills the Thief gains +15 points each level to distribute as he wished. No more than 5% on a single skill. No skill can go beyond 95%. remember B/X (OSE) only goes up to level 14. No other class get better at thief skills with levels.

DM gives bonus or penalty for difficulty of the action as usual: Quality of locks, weather, etc.


Note: I think this system could be applied to all skills in the game. Classes or Races which good at a set of skills add the attribute score twice while other characters simply add the score once. Players uses most favorable. Class and race do not stack.