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Thief Abilities as Skills

by Håvard

Thief Skills
I'd group the Thief abilities into the following skills:

Thieves get all of these skills for free at 1st level except Read Languages which they get for free at 4th level. I might also allow them to drop some of these skills and replace them with other General Skills at their choice.

Other classes will also be allowed to select these skills now.

At Higher Levels

My alternate General Skill Mechanics could be used for both General Skills and Thief Skills under this system to balance out some of the differences a bit:

LEVEL RANGE -- d20 Bonus
Unskilled -- +1
1st-3rd level -- +6
4-14th level -- +10
15-25th level -- +12
26th+36th level -- +14

Under this system you roll below the level bonus from the chart above modified with your ability score adjustment bonus. This would still give a low level Thief a greater chance of succeeding than under the standard rules, but would reduce the differences between a DX10 Thief and a DX18 Thief.