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OD&D Thief v3.0

by Paul Dooley

Here we go with OD&D THIEF v3.0

abilities as standard except roll d6 for hp (who can really complain about the poor thief getting a few more hp {except fighters, mages, clerics, dwarves, elves, hin, foresters, monsters etc.})

Bonus ability : BODY LANGUAGE

this grants +1 additional +1/5levels to ALL reaction rolls including initial roll made without cha modifier. However a natural 2 CANNOT be modified. If dice total plus bonus from this ability only is 15+ then acts as a short term `charm` effect (CAN be saved against) (`We'll take `lucky` with us `cos we don't seem to get mixed up in all those side fights when he's around`)

At 12th level a thief can make an alliance with the church of any patron of thieves (Asterius obviously but also Korotiku, Loki etc.) in exchange for oath of fealty etc. (break this Immortal fries you as if your a cleric)thief gains following

`find traps` as c2 spell once/day/6levels

if has INT13 can cast MU spells as if mu of 1/3 lvl round down and still wear leather (Ilsundal does it for foresters probably via one of those immortal level spells)

can read scrolls of level can cast spells at with NO chance of cock-up

About the mu casting. you've still got to find a friendly mu to learn spells from and you only go up on level at a time until you reach max possible for level as follows:

level: 12 : 13 : 14 : 15 : 16-17 : 18-20 : 21-23 etc
MU lvl: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7 etc

IIRC there was something about fighters swearing allegiance to mages somewhere that's where the germ of the idea came from