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Thonian Blackshirts

by Håvard

In BC 3500, a group of Thonian Right Winged Political Extremists embarked on a search for a world beneath the planet's surface. Using powerful mechanical digging machines they made their way into the Hollow World. The believed this was a place where they would find the resources to rid the world of the "liberal and multicultural" Blackmoorians. Sadly, the journey through the Vulcanic segments of the World Shield damaged their vehicles. They entered the Hollow World in the arctic region and got stuck in the ice. Now, centuries later, the ice around some of the vehicles have begun to melt, awakening the Thonian Blackshirt Soldiers after all this time. Because of the Spell of Preservation, they managed to survive the centuries of cold sleep.

The Hollow World is a very pulpy concept and what's more pulp than nazis? You can't really have nazis on Mystara, but I figured some Thonian Extremists could fill the same niche.

That brings up another interesting question. Vanya would obviously fit well as an immortal for such a group, but she wouldn't have been around back in their time. What immortals (if any) would the Blackshirts have worshiped? Would those immortals still be active on Mystara, and if not could the Blackshirts try and reestablish their worship?

Good question:
Some possible candidates (Blackmoor Era name in paranthesis):

Arik (Volketh) - He is a bit overused already so Im not really sure.
Thanatos - Always a good candidate, but again maybe overused?
Hel (Hella) - Better IMO. There is also the nordic link which would work for Nazi-types...
Zugzul - Possible, although the Afridhi are a sort of opposition to Thonian Society.
Chamber/Watchworks - This Dragon God is possibly the predecessor of the Pearl Dragon. Is he still around? IMC he was trapped somewhere below Belissaria during the GRoF...
Stodos (Br'Brr't) - Master of the Temple of the Frog. Another good candidate.
Cretia (Calelrin) - Too chaotic maybe.
Demogorgon - Another possibility.