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Thunder Rift NPC list

by Chris Seabrook

Here is a list of every NPC that has ever been presented in a Thunder Rift product.

I have organized them into like groups based upon how the info is presented on the cards.

The characters are:

From the Goblin's Lair box:
Hagrim Flintfist: Dwarf
Hikaru the Quick: Thief
Hugo Brandywine: Halfling
Rissiel Stillglade: Elf
Bryn the Pious: Cleric
Ariel Dreamweave: Magic-User
Corina Ravenshield: Fighter
The Goblin King: The Goblin King of the Red Hand Tribe

From The Haunted Tower box:
Kelvin Grimhaven: Fighter
Torin Grimbeard: Dwarf
Clarissa Tremaine: Cleric
Corelon Oakthorn: Elf
Scarlet Rifkin: Thief
Lonil Drethor: Magic-User (has a picture of kender?)

From the Dragon's Lair box:
Grochek Hammerfist: Dwarf (has a "Dragon Bane Rune Axe")
Jared O'loria: Fighter
Reverend Elin: Cleric
Ren Wardo: Magic-User
Talina: Thief
Cara Windwright: Elf
Sam Barleyman: Halfling

I have heard of these guys, but I don't know anything about them, or where they came from:
- Barab: A swordsmith’s apprentice
- Carok: The delivery boy of an armorer
- Dent: A Street urchin
- Fura: A scullery maid
- Hector: Assistant to a local cleric
- Jala: A dancing girl.
- Nuggin: The green-grocer’s son
- Pike: A helper in Kleine’s militia.