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Races of Thunder Rift

by Håvard

Over the Centuries, creatures of many races have wandered into the valley. Any kind of creature may be found here, but some are more important than others:

Humans: Melinir, Torlynn, Kleine, Edgewater, Grasslands
Dwarves: Farolas Hills
Elves: Gauntlin Forest
Halflings: Melinir Hills
Gnomes: Burning Hills
Rakasta: Wailing Plateau
Centaurs: Great Grasslands
Ratlings: Torlynn
Newts: Swamps
Lizardmen: Swamps
Gnolls: Gauntlin Hills
Goblins: Burning Hills
Orcs: Farolas Hills
Hobgoblins: Burning Hills
Minotaurs: Horned Hills
Bugbears: Gauntlin
Kobolds: ?

by phoneixmcl

Kobolds: Swamps* a tribe south east of Edgewater in Dungeon magazine

by Giorgio

I would add:

Dragon: Bone Hills
Gnolls: Gauntlin Forest, Great Grasslands
Goblins: Burning Hills, Horned Hills
Halflings: Melinir Hills, Torlynn
Hobgoblins: Burning Hills, Horned Hills
Kobolds: Burning Hills
Orcs: Farolas Hills, Bone Hills
Spiders: Gauntlin Forest
Undead: Gloomferns, Marshwood