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My brother rolled 'miscellaneous magical item' for a human ranger (actually a forester trained by the Vyalia elves) and the other player rolled a 'scroll' for his fighter! So I decided to get a little creative. Btw, I have a habit on giving each magical item a true name given by it's creator, in their native language, and it's translation.

Here's the ranger's miscellaneous magical item:

Thonduin Diamar (Root of Under-Earth)

by Sheldon Morris

This simple 4-inch length of 1-inch diameter root is actually an item enchanted by the woodland elves of the Vyalia Clan. Within this little root-handle is a 3-inch thin steel blade which lies completely hidden to the eye. Holding this root-handle and speaking the elven words which mean "release the thorn of Diamar" exposes the blade. The blade only acts as a small knife and only does 1d2 damage. Speaking the words "conceal the thorn of Diamar" pulls the blade back into the root.

If the blade of this is struck into the ground or some dirt and, while still holding the root-handle, the words "give life to Diamar's root" are spoken, it springs to life and grows into a great vine-like plant (assassin vine) after 3 rounds; first round is the round it is planted, second round it is 5x5 feet, and the third round it is 10x10 feet. It is identical to the assassin vine except that it is immobile and cannot use the Entangle supernatural ability. It will not harm the 'planter' and it remains active there until the 'planter' pulls the blade from the ground. It will be hostile to any other creature within reach.

Once the handle is removed from the dirt, the plant is instantly detached and it dies, withering and shrinking into a dry husk of it's former self. There is no limit on the number of times this can be done, or the frequency.