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by Marco Dalmonte

(Donar, Tuatis, The General, The Thunderer, Dugong)
Patron of Warriors, Lord of Battle and Honour

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 28 (Eternal), NG, Energy
Symbol: the warhammer
Portfolio: war, battle, honour, bravery, battle rage
Worshipped in: Known World (Northern Reaches, Heldann, Thyatis, Darokin), Norwold, Qeodhar, Isle of Dawn, Savage Coast (Vilaverde, Torreón, Guadalante, Cimarron, Narvaez, Saragón, Texeiras, Gargoña), Hollow World (Antalia, Neathar lands, Icevale, Merry Pirate Seas), sea tribes of dugongs in the Savage Coast
Appearance: a powerfully built Antalian with fiery red hair and beard, wearing a chain mail with a typical Norse horned helm and a huge warhammer at his belt.
History: Donar was born among the Antalians who lived in Norwold way long before the Glantrian Cataclysm. He was a brave warrior leading a populous tribe who dwelt in lower Norwold. After spending his whole life following the precepts of Odin and Tyr (Ixion) and putting loyalty to his tribe and deities, honour and bravery above all else, Donar was finally able to step on the path to immortality under Ixion's sponsorship. After defeating numerous giant clans and dozens of evil sorcerers in his region, allowing his people to migrate from Nordurland (lower Norwold) to the regions of Vestland, Ostland and the northern Isle of Dawn. Thor went then to an outer plane and built the mighty fortress known as Bliskirnir in his future home region of Thrudheim (these epic deeds later became the core of his myths). This way he completed his quest and became immortal in 1750 BC. Odin immediately recruited him in the Antalian Pantheon, as one of the 12 Aesirs (sons of Odin), and with Ixion's approval he became Odin's right hand. He is worshipped as The General among many people of the Savage Coast and as Dugong by the omm-wa (intelligent aquatic creatures similar to sea-lions). He got nicknamed the Thunderer by the Norse people, because they believe that when thunder's strikes, that's the sound of Thor's hammer Mjollnir crashing on some giant's skull up in Asgard.
Personality: Thor is the embodiment of the perfect warrior, and he demands of his followers to stay true to his code of conduct based on honour, courage and respect for traditions. Fearless and ever ready for battle, Thor has an easygoing character most of the time, even if he's prone to fits of rage when he gets offended or teased, something Loki loves to do all the time they meet. Thor considers all Aesirs as his allies except for Loki (who doesn't lose a chance to ridicule or trick him), and he's pretty much in league with Hymir, the only giant immortal he gets along with (thanks to Hymir's ability with liquors and common adventures they had when still mortals). He also considers Bartziluth, Bemarris and Madarua (the only mortals he sponsored to immortality) as his three children (Modi, Magni and Thrud according to Antalian legends), precious allies always ready to obey his commands. He hates Zugzul with fiery passion because he's patron of all those evil giants who've always tormented his people, and he constantly watches Hel's moves because of her league with Loki. He also opposes Kiranjo, who tries to influence the Norse berserker with his cult of Gylgarid and for this reason he beat him soundly in an open immortal contest.
Patron: Ixion
Allies: Odin, Frey, Freyja, Heimdall, Forsetta, Hymir, Bemarris, Bartziluth, Madarua
Enemies: Zugzul, Hel, Loki, Kiranjo
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Favoured weapons: warhammer (permesse tutte le armi da botta)
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 bonus to Strength, +1 bonus to Hit Points per level up to 9th, bonus general skill Courage. Thor's clerics must respect the Warrior's Code of Honour, which basically says that surrender to the enemy or retreating are vile options, as well as betraying your liege or clan.
Paladin's skills & powers: +1 bonus to Strength, +5% bonus to all rolls to increase in weapon's mastery with warhammer. Paladins' code of conduct is even more strict.
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Energy, Good, Strength, War, Courage
Preferred weapon: warhammer
Sources: GAZ7, HW, WotI, DotE, SCS