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The Domain of Thorholm

by Jacob Skytte

Thorholm comprises the eastern part of northeastern Konslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It is mostly mountains containing four mountain hexes and three hexes of hills. This domain has no steady food supply and subsists on fishing. It has no wood either and imports wood from neighbouring domains. Foreigners have no reason to visit this domain and if they did they would be taken as thralls or killed. Passing Ostlanders are received coolly and given what small amounts of food or lodgings can be spared. Clan Thorholm sees little raiding these days, they've not quite recovered from the massacre seven years ago. What few raids are staged tend to aim for the weakest current communities (typically in Soderfjord).

Head of Domain: Jarl Ragnar Solmundson rules Thorholm in name. He is never here though and leaves the domain under the rule of Katla Thorunnsdottir.

Population: 1500 people dwell in Thorholm. Of these 400 are thralls, 800 are non-warrior freemen, and 300 are warriors. 600 people carry arms and will fight if needed in defence of their lands and life.


The village of Gudhjem (Godhome) lies at the foot of Gråbjerge (Grey Mountains). It houses some 350 people and is the only settlement in the domain with more than 50 inhabitants. The village subsists on fishing and a few raids. The only real trade of the domain is conducted here. The stone quarries of Gudhjem yield the only goods worth anything to the neighbouring domains.

Katla Thorunnsdottir

Lawful 3rd level Fighter (Str 9, Int 13, Wis 9, Dex 5, Con 9, Cha 5, AC 9, hp 12)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 16/4, Peaceful/Violent 13/7, Forgiving/Vengeful 6/14

20 years old, Brown hair, Brown eyes

Katla Thorunnsdottir is the last remnant of the former ruling clan of Thorholm. Her mother Thorunn the Loud attempted to invade the neighbouring domain of Vithesford seven years ago but failed miserably. The jarl of Vithesford, Ragnar Solmundson then launched a counter invasion catching the remaining warriors and the rest of Thorunn's family in their great hall. After the slaughter the only survivor of the family was the 13-year-old Katla Thorunnsdottir. She was left crippled and disfigured though. The household godi, Bjorn the Drunk, brought her back to health, and hid her from Ragnar Solmundson. When she turned 17, Ragnar happened to discover her when visiting unexpectedly and recognised her. To everybody's surprise he did not slay her or take her as thrall but rather declared her ruler of the domain in his name.

Katla has ruled in the three years since then, though not with much enthusiasm. The only thing that fuels her is the desire to see Ragnar dead, preferably by her own hand, for what he did to her and her family. She feels obligated to do the best she can for her people though. For now she has settled for waiting Ragnar out; he is old and liable to get killed during a raid. She then hopes to re-establish her clan as well as her peace of mind. Katla is not much of a fighter; though she trains nearly every day, her old injuries limit her abilities. She wears leather armour when fighting and carries a hand axe.

Katla wants a husband and children but is convinced that due to her disfigurements no man could possibly want her, and she definitely does not want a husband who marries her out of pity. For now she turns her attention to training and dreams of Ragnar's death.

Bjorn the Drunk

Lawful 7th level Cleric of Odin (Str 13, Int 13, Wis 16, Dex 7, Con 7, Cha 12, AC 6, hp 18)

Personality Traits: Reverent/Godless 15/5, Honest/Deceitful 14/6, Loyal/Unreliable 15/5

72 years old, Bald, Pale grey eyes

Bjorn was the household godi of the former jarl of Thorholm, Thorunn the Loud. He had served Thorunn and her father before her for many years having been assigned to this desolate corner of Ostland for being a little too ambitious in his youth and quickly forgotten. Though this left him bitter, he has not lost his faith in Odin and after some years came to be satisfied with his place in life. He dearly loved the old jarl and his children and eventually their children, so it was with much sadness that he saw Thorunn throw away her life in a futile attempt to conquer her neighbour. When Ragnar retaliated, Bjorn was spared due to him being a priest and he managed to save Katla from dying from her injuries though the rest of the clan were beyond his help. Bjorn adores Katla and does whatever he can to protect her and attempt to lift her spirits. He understands her depression and trauma all too well though and doesn't really know how to handle them. Bjorn's left leg is slightly longer than his right, so he walks with a rolling gait that has earned him the nickname "the Drunk". When prepared for a fight Bjorn wears a chain mail and arms himself with a mace+2 called "Blodsten" (Bloodstone). Bjorn is an ascetic and does not have any living relatives though he considers Katla the daughter he never had.