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Thorn's Chronicle: PCs

by Robert J. Nuttman, Jr.

Varis (F2) AC 5(chainmail) HD 2+2(18 hp)
Str 15 +1
Int 11 --
Wis 10 --
Dex 9 --
Con 14 +1
Cha 12 --
General Skills: Military Tactics, Riding (horse), Bravery
Second son of a Thyatian woodcutter and Traladaran artisan, Varis left after his Shearing to join the Grand Duke's army. Earning his spurs rather quickly, he participated in several skirmishes along the northern mountains, rooting out goblin and orc warbands. Having served four years, he opted out of the Grand Duke's service, and decided that he wanted to see the world. His travels took him to Selenica, where a misunderstanding about a chicken, a Ylari courtesan and several bottles of olive oil landed him in a bit of trouble. Shortly thereafter, he crossed paths with Gilliam, who apparently had some misunderstandings of his own. The two joined forces and hightailed it out of town with the first merchant they could track down.

Varis stands 5'9" and weighs roughly 12 stone. He keeps his brown hair cut short, and keeps clean-shaven in the Thyatian style, a habit he picked up from his service with the Grand Duke. His eyes are hazel.

Gilliam (F2) AC 7(leather) HD 2(14 hp)
Str 14 +1
Int 12 --
Wis 10 --
Dex 16 +2
Con 12 --
Cha 11 --
General Skills: Gambling, Cheating, Hunting, Riding (horse)
Gilliam hails from a village in the northern mountains of Thyatis. His parents killed in an orcish raid, Gilliam was among the handful of people to escape. Having nowhere else to go, he fell in with a group of bandits who made quite the living raiding desert caravans in Ylaruam. But the bandit leader's penchant for needless cruelty did not sit well with Gilliam, and he made away with a sizeable pouch of gold and silver in the dark of night. He found work in Selenica, and thought he'd settled down to an honest living. Unfortunately, the bandits finally caught up with him, and Gilliam was forced to flee. In his flight, he ran into (literally) the ex soldier Varis. A scuffle with some ruffians later, the two found a hasty retreat from the city available by signing on as guards to a lone merchant.

Gilliam is 5'6" with dark blonde hair and a scruffy beard. His eyes are a deep grey-green.

Old Seth (F3) AC 6 (scale) HD 3(22 hp)
Str 15 +1
Int 10--
Wis 12 --
Dex 9 --
Con 11 --
Cha 11--
General Skills: Navigation, Fire-building, Survival(Forest), Bargaining,
Seth had the devil's luck to draw the lot from the lottery Baron Halaran held to decide who would journey north for emergency supplies. So he packed up a few belongings, took his armour out of storage, and did his duty for the baron. While the journey to Selenica was fairly uneventful -- having taken the Duke's Road -- Seth decided to try his luck on an alternate route back to Threshold.

A bit past his prime, Seth is no feeble old man -- he routinely spars with the town guardsmen during training exercises, teaching them the difference between fighting a fellow man and what its like to go up against a goblin or orc. Seth was in the Grand Duke's army in his youth, and has travelled all the major roads of the duchy. He is equally at home in a tent or lean-to in the woods as he is an Inn, though with his advancing years, he tends to prefer feather beds.

Seth stoops a bit, but stands 5'8" and is still quite solid despite his 40+ years. Though balding, he keeps his iron grey hair and beard cut short in the Thyatian military style.

Ana (C2) AC 6 (scale) HD 2 (10 hp)
Str 10 --
Int 12 --
Wis 16 +2
Dex 14 +1
Con 9 --
Cha 15 +1
General Skills: Alternate Magics, Healing, Knowledge(History of the Silver Flame), Ceremony(Silver Flame)
Ana was orphaned very young, and was taken in by a local priest of the Silver Flame. He educated her, teaching her letters and numbers. He wasn't the kindest of men, and though he was very strict, he did not mistreat her. When he discovered she had the ability to nurture and wield the flame, he immediately sent her to the Citadel so she could undergo further testing and training. She spent the remainder of her youth cloistered there, undergoing ever intensive study of the history, ways, and means of the Silver Flame.

On the eve of her 16th birthday, the Keeper of the Flame herself came to Ana's bedchamber, handed her a white-and-silver tabard, and told her that she was to journey to the west. She left the next morning on the first available ship.

Ana has the slight build, pale complexion, raven-black hair and ice-blue eyes of "old blood" classic Alphatian race, which causes much murmuring amongst her elders when it is revealed that she was found penniless, dirty and barefoot on the streets of Sundsvall. She has been away from the Citadel nearly six months, travelling the past week with Old Seth, having been picked seemingly at random by his caravan guards when the master of the trade guilds insisted that they were not allowed to leave Selenica without a healer in their company.

Thorn (D2) AC 7(leather) HD 2 (9 hp)
Str 9 --
Int 15 +1
Wis 15 +1
Dex 12 --
Con 10 --
Cha 15 +1
General Skills: Survival(Forest), Science(Astronomy), Knowledge(Druidic Lore), Singing, Storytelling
Thorn stands about 5'7" and wears his chestnut brown hair in a wavy mass, tied back with a thin strip of leather. While he keeps a beard, as most of his order does, he keeps his neatly trimmed rather than let it grow wild. His eyes are dark brown, shot through with gold flecks.
(Talon is advancing as a cleric, but chooses his spells from the druid's spell list, and follows most of the restrictions of the optional druid class. I've modified druids to be of the more knowledge-y/historical type, and as such gain a few "extra" knowledge General Skills as part of their training.)