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Thothia (Kingdom of)

Location: Known World, Isle of Dawn (east of Brun, southwest of the New Alphatian Sea), southeastern corner.
Area: 458,157 sq. mi. (95,277 sq. mi. of Thothia proper, and 362,880 sq. mi. of the Great Escarpment, now part of Thothia).
Population: 80,000.
Languages: Thothian (dialect of Nithian), Alphatian (official).
Coinage: Alphatian Standard: Crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).
Taxes: 15% income tax, collected yearly.
Government Type: Independent monarchy part of the New Alphatian Empire.
Industries: Agriculture, fishing, trade.
Important Figures: Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV (human, male, Pr10 of Rathanos).
Flora and Fauna: In the mainland Thothia, standard desert wildlife can be found. Also, various undead and golem/statues protect the numerous ruins and tombs lost beneath the sands. On the Thothian Plateau, the exact wildlife is still relatively unknown, but there is a known presence of phanatons, centaurs, treants, and aranea.

Description: by Elidor Murtagh

Edairo be the name o' the capital of Thothia, the strange land o' ancient magic and the walkin' dead. Just ask any Thyatian soldier who had ta face 'em zombies an' mummies and worse.

The capital be about a day sailin' inland up the Aurora river. The mouth o' the river be a huge delta with farmin' and other land work goin' on there, but once the delta ends, that be pretty much the end o' the farms too. Aroun' Edairo be dry an' arid, hardly a tree in sight. Course I ain't the one ta explore normal dry land, even less when it be a empty desert. From what I hear, the place be filled with ruins an' such stuff, filled with treasures fer those brave enoug' ta risk the journey.

The city be filled with huge, giant statues an' triangular shaped buildin's called pyramids. Seems ta me that the Thothians like ta build big things that don't do much 'cept ta be used ta burry a dead or two. Than again, they can use 'em afterwards in their armies ta defend the place, so what do I know. When I die, t'will be in the warm embraces of the sea, that's fer sure.

One sight ta see would be the palace, if ye could get anywhere near it as a commoner or foreigner. Seems only the nobles or priest can get anywher' near that place.

Another would'a been the library, but seems that burned down a few years ago... durin' the war, me thinks.

Not much else ta Thothia beside a bunch o' farmin' villages here an' dar. Most of 'em can be found alon' the Aurora or the delta, but there be a few of 'em scattered in that desert o' theirs.

The only notable sight of the land be the Great Escarpment, now called Thothian Escarpment in their honour. Seems the last treaty with Thyatis gave'em the rights to own all o' it [Isle of Dawn Treaty. Ed.]. Lemme tell ye, there be quite a few angry Thyatian colonists up on that plateau there. The Emperor o' Thyatis made this law ta force people ta move there, and then abandoned 'em all ta Thothia afterwards. Didn't even give any of 'em the means ta get home if they wanted to. Don't help that the Thothian's don't want 'em either.

Ye see, the Thothians have this belief that only 'em an' the Alphatians are civilised people. Everyone else, 'cluding 'em Thyatian colonists in their care, are mere barbarians who don't deserve their attention. Pff.. an' these Thothians don't even know how to sail properly. Wonder what makes 'em think they're civilised.

'Course, now that Alphatia is gone an' can't deal with the savages for 'em, the Pharaoh is forced ta deal with 'em himself. Not that he can't handle it, as he showed the Thyatians who tried ta invade a few years ago. The Thothians try ta ignore foreigners as much as they can.

The Thothians have this strange meditative behaviour, which means they like goin' into these trance-like things. They call themselves mystic priests, followin' the preachings o' their Immortal Rathanos.

'Nother weird thing be their like o' tis game called Spider's Web. Seems that everyone can play it, but I ain't managed to quite get how it works yet. Funny thing is, that Pharaoh o' theirs wants 'em ta stop playin' this game or follow other superstitious nonsense. Guess they ain't all so bad after all.

Anyway, that about sums up the Thothians. If ye ask me, stick ta the capital docks, in the good old taverns with other foreign merchants an' sailors, and ya won't be treated like a nobody by the locals... unless yer Alphatian, anyway.