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More Thoul Stuff

by Andrew Theisen

Here's some more on Thouls. In case you're wondering, this is related to a *big* project that I've nearly completed and will share with the list soon, and isn't just because I like Thouls (though I'm starting to. :)

Thanks to Bruce Heard for all his hard work on humanoids of Mystara, and most specifically for the format that I've used to present Thouls as a PC race.


Related to Trolls and Hobgoblins, Thouls most closely resemble the latter, though they tend to be leaner and more bestial looking. Most of them are very unclean and unsociable, even for humanoid kind.

Average Size: 6' + d12 inches
Fitness (d6): 1-3: Skinny
4-5: Normal
6: Fat

Goblinus Monstrum Cannibalis: Pale skinned, with dirty brown or black hair. Bulldog facial features. Usually wearing animal hides and using rock clubs or natural claws as weapons. Cannibals, they can be found among most Hobgoblin communities, in isolated camps. Particularly fierce Thouls are often chosen as elite guards.

Goblinus Monstrum Necrophagous: Dead white skin. White hair usually braided with bones. Very thin and wasted looking, with toadlike facial features- often with bone piercings. Wear skins- animal and humanoid alike- and use bone clubs or claws. Live in deep caverns or isolated communities (such as Tombstone in Glantri) far from other humanoids. Their necromantic practices and habits of feasting on corpses (often long dead) lead other humanoids to stay away from them.