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Thoul subraces

by Glen Welch

Here are some general ideas for the thoul subraces, still working out the stats.

Ghaz (Ghoul centric): Almost feral, greatly reduced intelligence. Takes damage from holy water. Can spider climb, can't be seen with infravision/dark vision/similar abilities
Trag (Troll centric): A head taller, lowered intelligence, greater strength and increased regeneration.
Hrak (Hobgoblin centric): Increased intelligence and other stats, no mechanic bonuses but will almost always be better armed and armored. Will take over hobgoblin tribes if possible. Will serve as mercenaries for evil warlords, even serve as officers.
These are rare subspecies, the default thoul will be encountered approximately 90% of the time normally. The subspecies develop their abilities shortly after birth, and come from regular thoul stock.