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Denizens of Thunder Rift

by Håvard

In addition to the Major Races, many other creatures also dwell within the Valley....

This ancient lizard race lives in the swamps near Torlynn. They have a strong dislike for humans, but get along well with Lizardmen. The origins of this race is unknown, though there are rumours that they have been in the valley since the Age of Blackmoor. The Newts worship Stodos, Lord of the Icy Wastes (See MSOLO1 for more on Stodos.)

Gnolls arrived in Thunder Rift as early as during the Great Gnoll Invasions. Since then, their numbers have dwindled, mainly due to internal strife, but many Gnolls still live in the valley. The northern parts of the Gauntlin Forest are still under Gnoll control, in spite of elven efforts.

Bugbears entered Thunder Rift during the Humanoid migrations.

Hobgoblins entered Thunder Rift along with many other Humanoid races during the Humanoid migrations. Many are found in the southern parts of the valley, and some are in the service of the Black Knight.

Centaurs are found in the Brichtwood, along with Unicorns and other sylvan races (Fauns, Dryads, Fairies). Centaurs also roam the Great Grasslands of the valley. Centaurs worship their patron Immortal Chiron as well as other Sylvan Immortals. They get along well with elves and humans, but have little contact with dwarves.

Lizardmen are found in the Marshwoods and the Black Swamp area, and often work alongside Newts, an other lizardfolk race thriving in the same kinds of environment.

Trolls are said to live in the Black Swamps. It is unknown whether they act on their own or whether they have made an alliance with the Black Knight.

Ogres are believed to live in the Grakken forest, but never leave the borders of the forests.

Undead creatures can be found in many places of Thunder Rift, especially in the Marshwoods, the Gloomfens and around Wizardspire. Vampires, Wraiths and others are believed to be found here.

Few dragons are known to live in Thunder Rift, but a Red dragon, whom the locals refer to as Scortch controls the Bone hills.

Gakkarak Treant
Gakkaraks are the distant and sinister cousins of Treants. A powerful Gakkarak Druid is believed to reside within the Grakken Forest. Perhaps he is responsible for the strange rumours of Ogres dwelling within those lands. The Gakkarak is an enemy of the Sylvan creatures of the Brichtwoods.

A band of Minotaurs control the Horned Hills, which lead to one of the exits of Thunder Rift. Their control over the hills is due to Three Minotaur heroes who supposedly have a Manticore ally. The Minotaurs probably entered the valley around the same time as many of the other humanoid races did.

In addition to the Goblins, this race represents the main humanoid population in Thunder Rift. Many can be found in the Farolas Hills and in the Great Grasslands.

As Orcs, but these creatures are found mainly in the Burning Hills. They have had many conflicts wit the Legendary Thief known as Raven who once made his home within these hills and now is rumoured to have returned.

These tiny creatures arrived around the same time as the Goblins and the Orcs. They live in the mountains are hill areas of Thunder Rift.

New Monsters

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