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Newts of Thunder Rift

by Håvard

Newts have been living in Thunder Rift for centuries. Some sages believe that they are the descendants of slaves brought to this part of the world by the wizards of Blackmoor, who used them in work related to aquatic research.

Today most newts are found in the swamps of Thunder Rift, especially in the Black Swamp. Many are also found near the ruins of Castle Kraal.

The newts are a race of bipedal, frog-like amphibians that inhabit swamps, moors, and other dank places. They are covered with smooth, mottled, olive green hide. They can vary from smaller than the average human to about seven feet tall. Their faces resemble those of enormous frogs, with wide mouths and large, bulbous eyes; their feet and hands are webbed. They do not wear clothing, but will use non-metallic, non-heavy armour, and shields.

Newts tend to disrupt ecosystems rather than fill a niche. They do not have the intelligence to harvest their food supplies sensibly and will fish and hunt in an area until its resources are exhausted, and then move on to a new territory. They hate men, elves, dwarves and other humans and will attack them on sight. Fortunately, they prefer to dwell in isolated regions far from humanoid settlements. A few newts have surpassed the race's general tendencies and have successfully integrated themselves with humans. These rare Renegade Newts are cast out of the tribal society as "human lovers." They are hunted, slaughtered, and fed to the crocodiles for their demented behaviour.
Newts generally do not adventure to gain treasure. When found outside the extended family foundation, newts are either hunting or looking for a place for a family group to live; extended families are divided whenever the population outgrows its current location

Religion: Most newts worship Stodos the Froglord

Language: Newts have their own language, called Newt, which is related to Draconic. The Newts of Thunder Rift also speak Common (Darokin Dialect).

Clothing: Newts prefer only light clothing if any, though many wear belts with poaches to have a place to stash their equipment and valuables. Most Newts abhor the usage of armour, though some of the Renegade Newts have taken after humans and wear some armour, especially chainmail. Some even have chainmail suits especially crafted for them, allowing them to feel less hindered by the weight of such gear.

New Equipment: Newt Chainmail
This modified chainmail is created to accommodate the newt's special disdain for heavy and warm armour. It is lighter and allows for more air to help keep the Newt cool, even in combat situations. When worn, the Newt does not suffer his normal -4 penalty for wearing armour, but still loses his Leap Ability.

New Feat: Newt Knight
Requirement: Newt, must have become accustomed to living among humans, wis 13+
You are a true Knight of Newts. You are able to overcome your disdain for armour. A Newt Knight does not suffer the normal -4 penalty for wearing metallic armour. If wearing special Newt Chainmail, he can even retain his Leap Ability.
Normal: Newts suffer a -4 penalty to combat rolls while wearing metallic armour, and lose their Leap Ability.

Newt monster and PC stats