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Druids of Thunder Rift

by Håvard

When Grakken broke away from the Brichtwoods, it created a schism between the Druids of Thunder Rift. Now, Druids of the Valley follow one of two druidic philosophies. One group is known as the Followers of Sylvan Splendour, the others are the Grimwood Druids.

The Followers of Sylvan Splendour
These Druids remained loyal to the Unicorn Lord (Bran) of Brichtwood. They seek to protect nature at all cost, and are deeply concerned with keeping, especially forested areas beautiful and protect it from human and demihuman influence. They are generally friendly towards the civilised races and are often sought out by these for advice or healing. They often find allies from the Sylvan races like Centaurs, Satyrs, Dryads and Fey. Their animal companions are usually wolves or hawks.

Their leader is Bran ap Seamus, the Unicorn Lord, a perfectly white unicorn with a pure ivory horn protruding from his forehead. He is a noble and good leader, though he can be quite uncompromising when it comes to the defence of his home forest.

The secret Cairn of the Followers of Sylvan Splendour is located deep within the Brichtwoods and is often attended by The Unicorn Lord himself. All Thunder Rift Druids gather there at midwinter and midsummer, and there are other lesser gatherings throughout the year.

Alignment: N or NG (3E), N (OD&D)
Special Feats (3E): May chose the Ashbound Feat from the Eberron Sourcebook, if the DM allows it.
Animal Companion: Hawk or Wolf.

The Grimwood Druids
These Druids follow the teaching of Grakken the Forest Brooder. They have a darker view of the relations between the civilised races and nature, and view most outsiders as a threat to the woods. Not all Grimwood Druids are as misanthropic as Grakken though, and many walk among humans, but they are more often feared than loved. They often drape in dark shredded heavy cloaks and wield huge black sickle-like weapons. Their animal companions are often vermin (Rats, spiders) or Ravens.

Their leader is Grakken the Gakarak, a sinister Treeman. He welcomes his druids into his forest, but no one else, and he does not hesitate to using violence to ensure this.

The Secret Cairn of the Grimwood Druids is found in the middle of Grakken Forest, in a circle of Black Marble stones. Like the Brichtwood Druids, the Grimwood Druids of Thunder Rift all gather here at Midwinter and Midsummer as well as for minor gatherings throughout the year.

Alignment: N or NE (3E), N (OD&D)
Special Feats (3E): May chose the Child of Winter Feat from the Eberron Sourcebook, if the DM allows it.
Animal Companions (3E): Vermin (any) or Raven.