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Threats to the Aardovai Rilles

by John Calvin

For those who may not be following the Hollow Moon: Aardovai Rilles, 8 miles per hex mapping thread I have updated the map there and added a first pass at some brief descriptions of territory and inhabitants.

In addition I've come up with a few potential threats to the area than might be suitable adventure seeds.

- Spindrift Sea pirates: Pirates are always looking for a safe haven and may on occasion use one of the Rille’s coastal ruins as a base of operations or a hideout to escape pursuit of their enemies. Some pirates (especially Adhuzan ones) are also part time slavers, and may raid Aardovai settlements for slave stock to sell in foreign ports.

- Troglodyte deathknight: This deathknight has been living in the swamps for eons. It pays little attention to the Aardovai (other than tormenting any unfortunate to stumble upon its lair) but may take a much more active stance when confronted by outsiders.

- Burrower corruption: One of the termite mounds has been infected with some fragment of Burrower essence and the corruption is spreading. In addition, the Thanatos worshipers that infected the termite mound may still be stalking the swamps, looking for their next victims.

- Wiyakai/Ainilai conflict: Trouble is brewing between these two tribes and the Wiyalai (supported by Vesper allies) is pushing to take more and more of the isolated Ainilai tribal lands. The real threat may come from the corrupted Tokai tribe to the north after both southern tribes have spent their resources fighting one another.

If anyone has any other ideas about the Aardovai and their lands on the Hollow Moon, please feel free to share them either here or in the mapping thread (as appropriate). Thanks! Otherwise the next land I start to tackle will be the Vesperlands.