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This is the info I've put together for Threshold in my campaign. The majority of information is either cannon or taken from non cannon sources at the Vaults of Pandius, whilst other parts are adapted from my campaign.

A Guide To The Barony Of Threshold

by Jimmy Rowe


The original Traladaran name for the village of Threshold is Vatresh, the name being replaced by the Thyatian conquerors in AC 910. Many of the Traladaran locals still refer to the town by its original name. The Ivanov family were once the major Traladaran noble clan of the area.

General Overview

Threshold is a frontier community on the Windrush (Wufwolde) River near Lake Windrush. Originally a simple logging community, it has grown into sprawling settlement of nearly 5000 people since the coming of the Thyatians. Despite its large population, Threshold is not a squalid, crowded town due mainly to a law passed by Baron Sherlane Halaran that forbids any building to be built within 50' of each other.

On arrival in Threshold visitors are asked their profession and business by the town guards, who also explain town rules and regulations. Directions will be freely given and any illegal weapons will be confiscated, with receipts given for their return upon departure.

In the centre of Old Town is the Town Hall, a very large building used for storing confiscated weapons, town meetings, public declarations, trials and entertainments.

Outside the town walls there is a fishing village half a mile away from town and a large logging community encamped on the east side of the River Windrush. Both communities are home to around a thousand inhabitants each.

There are six districts in Threshold - Docklands, Fogor Isle, Old Town, West, North and South.

Fogor Isle is the seamy side of town and is not patrolled at night. On the north end of the island is the blackened ruin of the Old Mill, burned 15 years ago. The building often becomes infested by giant insects and has to be cleared periodically.

Tarnskeep is a small sturdy fortress located approximately half a mile north of town, the home of Baron Halaran. It has a curtain, four walls and a large manor house.

Dam And Weir - The dam keeps large boats from travelling upriver. The weir can be opened to allow lumber to float downstream.

There is a small Thieves Guild operating out of Fogor Isle, a branch of The Kingdom of Thieves. They offer fairly trouble free fencing of stolen goods, some expedition backing and other services, for which a member is expected to turn over 15% of their earnings.

A trade boat brings supplies and provides rides once per week. Tickets are purchased at Tarnskeep for the weekly trade ship to Kelvin (2 day ride) for 2 G.P per person. From there a daily boat sails to Krakatos (2 day trip), costing 1 G.P per person, and then carries on to the capital Specularum (1 day trip) costing 3 S.P per person. Rich characters could also choose to travel using Cardia's Carpet Service. Cardia is a well known elf with a flying carpet that can carry up to two passengers (Details in Expert Rules).

There are two 7th Level mages in town who can train spell casters.

Banking - The only bank, situated in Old Town, offers coin exchange at 10%. Also, goods can be stored for a month at 10% charge, for up to six months at 5% charge and free for longer periods (although two weeks grace must be allowed withdrawal amounts over 1000 Gold Royals.)

Any imported items cost from 150% to 200% book price (See Expert Rules).


Threshold has a full range of services, as one would expect from a community of this size. A wide range of accommodations are available in the town represented by the following.

The Volk is the oldest and most prestigious hotel in Threshold. Currently owned by Yuri Ilyov, this local landmark has been in the Ilyov family for over 100 years. The Volk is noted for its understated elegance and impeccable service. The finest cuisine in the region is served during supper hours. Rates for a standard room are 3r while the suites range from 8-10r. Vacancies trends tend to be somewhat unpredictable. The Volk is situated in the Old Town.

The Rose of Valerias is a comfortable, informal establishment situated in the Old Town that caters to both Thyatians and Traladarans. The tavern is a favourite destination for younger crowds, especially from The Threshold Academy. Owner Monika Chronus, a devout member of The Church of Karameikos, views her establishment as a symbol of unity in the Grand Duchy. Food & beverages are served at all hours yet the atmosphere remains peaceful due to the typical patronage. Rooms are small but only run 1c per night. There is no common room. Vacancies are rare when the Academy is in session but common during the summer months.

The Black Jug is a rough and tumble tavern on Fogor's Isle, the tenement section of Threshold built before the Baron's law. Accommodations are less than refined as is most of the clientele. Adventuring opportunities, however, are numerous here and the proprietors often overlook certain ordinances pertaining to weapons and magic. There are no private rooms and the common room is 5k per night. Vacancies depend on the sobriety, or lack thereof, of the evening's revellers.

"I was wandering down a crowded street in the western part of town one night when I stumbled across yet another tavern, the Black Jug. The place was dark and filled with smoke. Reasonably attractive wenches served a dark brew in (you guessed it) black jugs. There was a commotion coming from one of the tables, a rather fat man seemed to have won a fair share of coin in a dice game. Gold-digging wenches were fawning all over him, I had to take action. Call it bravado or stupidity, I wagered all my coin to upstage this sweaty, balding excuse for a man. Alas, Valerias did not favour me on this occasion and all my coin went to the fat man."
Location: Fogor Isle
Tavern keeper: Sergei Ivanevich
Patrons: Poorer Commoners, Dmitri Sergeiov (aka the fat man, a devil swine with a ring of telekinesis)
Quality: Below Average
Claim to fame: Gambling, dark brew

Gold Dragon Inn - "Following some rather embarrassing indiscretions at the party of a Selenican socialite, I was forced to leave my city of birth for new lands and new opportunities. I managed to hire on as a guard with a caravan belonging to Kelvin's most famous merchant, Ahiktos. Well the life of a caravan guard was not my cup of tea and I hastily said my goodbyes and headed for a renowned adventurers' town, Threshold. Upon arrival, the locals pointed me to an inn in the dead centre of town, the Gold Dragon Inn.
The inn was bustling with commoners and adventurer-types. The commoners were doing quite well for themselves, offering tales of local treasures in exchange for pots of amber fluid. Whilst most of the tales were obviously pure fiction, the story of the innkeeper, Anthemio Paphcaris, piqued my interest. He talked the lost treasure of the wizard Gygar in the ruins of Castle Mistamere to the north to a group of wide-eyed adventurers. After a quick introduction, I managed to convince the adventurers to let me accompany them to the ruins in search of adventure and some much needed cash."
DM Notes
Location: Centre of Old Town
Innkeeper: Anthemio Paphcaris Busiest inn in Threshold
Patrons: Commoners and adventurers
Quality: Good
Room Price/night: 18sp
Stables Price/night: 3sp
Claim to Fame: Best place to hire adventurers and hear rumours of local treasures.

Hook & Hatchet Inn - "After gaining much booty from the ruins of Castle Mistamere, we returned to town all cashed up. Unfortunately, the town guards were a little too inquisitive for the liking of my Halfling companion, Shastri. The heated exchange attracted the attention of the head of the guard, Sergeant Arthol. When Shastri made a derogatory mispronunciation of the good sergeant's name, some fast talking was in order. To placate the guards, I offered to shout them drinks all night. Sergeant Arthol agreed, nominating his favourite watering hole, the Hook & Hatchet as the venue.
That evening we made our way to the Hook & Hatchet Inn on the east side of the old town wall, near the centre of town. Sergeant Arthol and his men were already there, their jugs and throats eagerly awaiting what I had promised them. After the third round of jugs, I excused myself from the guards' company and ventured over to the other side of room where the commoners quietly ate their meals. I spotted an attractive elven lady sitting alone in the corner (thank you Valerias!). After a few hit and miss one-liners, I discovered her name was Cardia and she ran a flying carpet service from town! We polished off a bottle of innkeeper Callinian Perakarius' finest wine. After a few hours of enthralling conversation, Cardia retired to her room, but promised me a discount on her flying carpet service.
I glanced over to the bar to see Shastri, pipe in one hand, jug in the other, laughing heartily with Sergeant Arthol. All in all, an enjoyable and successful night."
DM Notes
Location: Old Town (western side opposite the wall)
Innkeeper: Callinian Perakarius
Patrons: Sgt Arthol and town guards, Cardia, less-boisterous commoners
Quality: Above Average, food is popular among patrons
Room Price/night: 15sp
Stabling Price/night: 2sp

Crossed Swords Tavern - "Locals had warned me of the dangers of Fogor Isle, the seedy part of town. I decided to check out this Fogor Isle, for with danger often comes opportunity! After hours of wandering I spied a tavern on the northeast shore. The sign read `The Crossed Swords Tavern'. Unfortunately, it was all boarded up and in poor condition. I left Fogor Isle wondering what happened to the Crossed Swords Tavern."

Juggling Ogre Inn - "After clearing a castle to the west of town for local merchant Clifton Caldwell, my companions and I decided to celebrate with Clifton at his favourite watering hole, the Juggling Ogre. The inn is located on Market Street and not surprisingly it is patronised by many merchants. Shastri had a bit of trouble meeting the dress code, but we all got in eventually. My clerical companion, Arzon Amadeus, was impressed by a large statue of his immortal Asterius in the entrance way. Of course I was comfortable hobnobbing with the merchants, however I noticed my companions struggling to fit in. As the night progressed, more alcohol was consumed and a splendid bard got the whole crowd singing. The merchants proved a useful source of information, yet I was glad to part their company, for it was clear their love of money had diminished their passion for life."
DM Notes
Location: Docklands, East side of Merchant St., Old Town
Bar Keeper: Willington Stough
Patrons: Clifton Caldwell, merchants, commoners
Quality: Good
Room Price/night: 17sp
Stabling Price/night Ale 1sp
Claim to fame: Attracts the best bards in town: 3sp/night
Drinks Price:

The Tavern of the Three Rings (formerly The Orcs Head) is located in the Docklands area of Threshold and is operated by a Traladaran named Sopot, an ex-adventurer who met and befriended some Darine. The name of the tavern is from the gold three-ringed ear-ring that was given to him by one of the Darine. Sopot himself is an upbeat man with a love of story and song, and is happy to provide free services for someone willing to share either. He has long dark hair, starting to go bald on top, and wears the bright, loose-fitting clothes of the Darine. The food is good (not great) and normally only the more traditional Traladaran dishes are served. Don't expect a lot of information from here; most are older men who tell tall tales in hope of conning Sopot into free food (the regulars try constantly to little success).

There are over half dozen more drinking establishments dotted around Threshold, including The Merchants Rest in the Docklands (Merchant Street) and The Lovable Rogue on Fogor Isle (Headquarter of The Kingdom Of Thieves). The average price for a weeks lodging is 10 G.P, a bed in the lowly common room around 1 S.P per night.

The Law

There are 2 local laws worthy of note. First, casting of wizard magic within town limits is a minimum of a Class 1 crime. Second, only daggers, swords, & staffs may be carried. Prohibited weapons are confiscated by the town guard. Also, keep in mind that though wearing armour is not illegal, citizens will be highly suspicious of armoured persons wandering the streets.

The Town Guard consists of 50 1st level fighters and 10 3rd level Corporals commanded by Sergeant Arthol, a 5th level fighter.

A patrol consists of five Guards and A Corporal.

The guards are stationed thus -

Five Guards and a Corporal man each outer gate (Sergeant Arthol heads the guards on the southern gate).

Two Guards man each inner gate, whilst a 3rd level Corporal and a Guard are situated in the town hall. These are the guards for the Old Town, where there are no wandering patrols.

Two patrols wander Fogor Isle during the day, (none at night).

A single patrol operates within the town proper both day and night.

A 4th Level Cleric of the Church Of Karameikos is stationed in the town hall who escorts all people carrying confiscated weapons to the town gates.

The Clerical Court comprises five clerics appointed by Baron Sherlane (three of the Church Of Karameikos, two from The Church Of Traladara) to overview the running of the town. They take a dim view of lawbreakers.


If a customer is confirmed dead and has not left a written will the deceased's next of kin must put a claim in within a year of the death. If they are deemed legitimate they receive 90% of the wealth, with the bank taking a 10% commission.

If an account lies dormant for ten years then the customer loses claim on their money, which is divided thus - 50% to the Baron's coffers, 10% to each church as a tithe and the remaining 30% goes to the bank.

Important N.P.C's In Threshold.

Baron Sherlane Halaran. - Patriarch of Threshold (Church Of Karameikos). 60 Years old.

Aleena Halaran is the 19 year old niece of Sherlane, who arrived in Karameikos two years ago after her parents had died of disease. She immediately joined the Church Of Karameikos and it is rumoured that she is expecting to join the Order of the Griffon very soon. The Thyatian beauty is of medium height and build, flowing blond hair and large, expressive blue eyes.

Church of Traladara - Patriarch Vasili Basilevsky, Vatresh (Threshold)