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Thunder Rift Map

by Håvard

This version assumes the recent Karameikos location for the map.

Locations marked in red are from the D&D Fast-Play Game and related modules.

Other new locations:
* Edgewater: From Dungeon #41 (Kudos Phoenixmcl!)
* Stonefast: From the Zanzer Tam's Dungeon adventure.

What are the source material for these red lines on your map?

These are all from the D&D Fast Play product line:

* 11331 Wrath of the Minotaur
* 11373 Eye of the Wyvern
* Crypt of the Smoke Dragon
* Fast-Play Game

They are marked in red, because they are not officially placed within Thunder Rift, but in another micro-setting called the Vale. I included them into Thunder Rift because the Vale was never developed much beyond those few products which very few people own anyway.

Which Dungeon issue is Stonefast located, and is it available online?

Stonefast is from the "D&D Classic Game" boxed set published sometime in the 1990s. It is a follow-up to Zanzer's Dungeon, but very little information is given except for a dungeon map and the fact that it was build by dwarves. As it is connected to Zanzer's Dungeon, I figured it would have to be close to Kleine.

How many miles are between Specularum and Milinir by river in your GAZ 1 map?
(I located TR on the Northen Easternmost mountain hex; right in front of a Ylaruam hill hex, one more hex north and it reachs a road hex)

About 240 miles maybe? I havent been too specific about it, but I placed it up there in the upper northeastern corner of the Karameikos map.

Are any of the white lines on the map, not found in the core TR 32 page module?

Yes. Edgewater from Dungeon #41 is not there, and also some of the locations from the various Thunder Rift modules may have been mentioned or not but were not placed on the official map:

Barrik's Keep
Harpy's Nest (Not a separate module)