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by John Calvin from Threshold Magazine issue 15

In this issue of Threshold we are going to explore one of my favorite regions of the setting, the dark void beyond Mystara’s skyshield and everything that lurks within it. Having first seen Star Wars at the grand old age of 4, and being raised on reruns of Star Trek, D&D in space always felt very natural for me. That’s why I devoured Spelljammer supplements almost as voraciously as I did those for Mystara.

Of course Spelljammer mechanics are fairly different from the original mechanics for Mystara’s space system developed in Up, Away, and Beyond by Bruce Heard in Dragon Magazine 160, however fans of either mechanic should be excited about this issue of Threshold. Fear not! Though the vastness of space may seem incomprehensible, Sturm prepares the way with his Guide to Mystaraspace. From there we’ll start our journey by exploring Ancient Anomalies in the darkest regions of Mystaraspace with Luca Pezzullo, and preparing for a journey to Spillworld to plumb the secrets of Mystara’s past in an article by LoZompatore. Agathokles will take us to doomed Damoclese, explore pachydermions and their culture, and even lead us to a daring adventure on Myoshima, while Stefano Leonardi introduces us to the second planet in Mystara’s solar system, Ishtar, and all of its wonders.

Those wonders and more await, but even as our odyssey through the dark takes us further and further away from Mystara, we won’t lose site of the lands, the cultures, and the peoples we have grown to love. I hope you enjoy exploring the celestial realm as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you!

Also, for those of you who have read this far, Threshold is trying something a little new in this issue. We have two new interactive columns, a Q&A session as well as a coloring contest! Be sure not to miss these, and join us over at The Piazza to continue the discussions!

Threshold Q&A

We wanted to try something a little bit different with this issue of Threshold, by asking our readers to answer a question.

This issue of Threshold, Mystaraspace, details several of the planets within the Mystaran solar system, each of them unique from Mystara, but still supporting a myriad of races, cultures, and nations... and all of them ripe for adventure. As a DM, if you were to run a campaign on one of these planets, which would you choose, and why? As a Player, which of these planets would you most enjoy having your DM send you to explore?

Visit The Piazza to answer these questions and interact with other readers of Threshold in the [Threshold] Mystaraspace Q&A thread.

Threshold Coloring Contest

Come participate in Threshold's first ever Coloring Contest! Participation is easy.

  1. Copy or print out the Graakhalian Gnoll illustration found in this issue of Threshold.

  2. Color the illustration using any medium you prefer - pencils, pens, paints, even electronically!

  3. Submit your finished work at The Piazza in the [Threshold] Mystaraspace Coloring Contest thread.

The top contestant entries will be entered into a poll and judged by members of The Piazza forum. The winning entry will receive a custom character portrait from I. Calvin, drawn in the same style as the Graakhalian Gnoll! All entries must be submitted to this thread by June 10th, 2017 in order to be eligible, and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Threshold (Threshold Issue #16, Dwarves & Gnomes).

Don't miss out - submit your entry today!

Upcoming Issue

Dwarves, Gnomes, and Hin

The short folk are not numerous, but still prominent in Mystara. Industry and ingenuity are hallmarks of the Rockborn race, while the freedom Hin folk is known for its resilience in face of adversities. Since the time of Blackmore and beyond dwarves, gnomes, and halflings have been an integral part of Mystaran communities. The editorial team is accepting proposals on dwarves, gnomes, halflings and the cultures and kingdoms that they have built throughout the history of Mystara.

[Image: Issue #16 Mock Cover]

Anticipated contents include:

● Updates to your Rockhome Campaign

● History of the Dwarves Part II

● Dwarven Mine of Kurest Hurgon

● The Cavern of Darmouk

● Map of Highforge

● Twin Soul Rocks

● The Great Crater

… and much, much more!

Back Cover

Explore the infinite reaches of Mystaraspace and beyond! In this issue you will discover inhabitants of nearby worlds, far off solar systems, and the brigands and scoundrels that journey between them.

Neither the Heldanners, nor the Alphatians, were the first to delve into the blackness of the void. The Nithians sent their seed out to the stars, as did the Blackmoorians before them… Follow the journey of Mystara’s ancestors, but beware! There are things lurking the dark that even the Immortals may fear to confront!