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by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 5

Exploring Davania

The fifth issue of Mystara’s premier magazine featuring an introduction to the mysterious continent of Davania, with current and historical maps, and also more Thyatian senators, more history of Ierendi and Minrothad and more secrets of Koskatep!


It has been some time since I first saw the name Davania, and I think it was in the Hollow World boxed set. I already knew of this continent, as I had seen its shape in the Master set map, but that one had only some mysterious names. It was more than enough to trigger my imagination, but then the Hollow World boxed set added a lot, with more geographical locations and a map of migrations. If at first I had only the mysterious names of Adakkia, Arypt, Izonda and Pelatan, after the boxed set I also had the Isle of Cestia, the Vulture Peninsula, the Lost Valley, and I knew that elves and halfling had escaped the continent in the past, and there were also humans, gnomes and humanoids. So I have dreamt of Davania for years, wondering about the people that might inhabit the continent and about the adventures I could devise for players.

Then Davania became much more “alive” to me thanks to the Princess Ark series by Bruce Heard, that added so much information about the continent, and the maps drawn by Geoff Gander, the first complete depiction of Davania at 72 miles per hex1. These maps were indeed one of the greatest wonders of the wonderful Vaults of Pandius, when I had my first stable internet connection, back in 1998.
Hence the development of Western Davania for the Almanacs2 was one of my first contributions to the Mystaran community, several years ago.

Editing this issue I finally had the opportunity to develop Davania a bit more, making a revised map with some more names on it, the results of the work done over many years by myself and all of the Mystaran community. Now Davania has more names of people, nations and empires, but still enough mystery to fuel my imagination. The great southern continent was and will always be one of my favourite places in Mystara, and I will probably never stop imagining new stories, creatures and adventures.

What more could you ask for in a fantasy land? I hope you will enjoy, as I did, this fantastic voyage exploring the mysterious continent of Davania. This is just a start, as I know Davania holds more stories and mystery than we could ever imagine.

Francesco Defferrari (aka Sturm)

Editor-in-chief, Threshold Issue #5

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Wide expanses of untamed wilderness -- ancient forests, towering mountain chains, freezing glaciers, and endless tundra -- are the mark of the Northlands. In these lands hardy pioneers and fearless explorers battle barbarian tribes, dragons and giants to establish new centres of civilization.

From the longship raids of the Northern Reaches to the battles of the Knights of Heldann and the colonization of Norwold, and even stranger challenges in more distant lands, the Northlands offer adventure, riches and glory to those willing to brave the harsh climate and its dangers.

Explore the Northlands

Anticipated contents include:

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Exploring Davania

It’s a wonderful continent, but could be unforgiving, if you’re lost in a remote land and you know nothing of its people and its creatures.

In this issue of Threshold Magazine you’ll get to know the dangers and the opportunities of Davania much better, from lush landscapes to forgotten ruins, from civilized nations to untamed wilderness. Either could be certain death or neverending glory for the brave explorers willing to face the unknown.

Join the exploration of Mystara’s great southern continent! Here you will find at least some directions. Will you ever be able to return home or will you stay in Davania to live or die?

1 In this issue Geoff will relate the history on how he produced his maps!

2 Here is the home of the fan almanacs in the Vaults: