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by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 7

Exploring Norwold

The seventh issue of Mystara’s premier magazine continues our journey into the frozen reaches of Norwold, detailing its region from Leeha to the Skaufskogr!


Midway through the North

The North is vast and full of secrets, but you will be able to glimpse at many of them in this issue of Threshold magazine, where you will find indeed the most detailed description of Norwold ever written, in which Zendrolion will take us in a great exploration of the realm’s weather, history people and regions, from Heldland to Frosthaven!
Another massive article by Zendrolion details the Great Land Rush of Norwold and the existing barons, a perfect companion for the CM1 module that will be completed by in depth descriptions of the claimants to the new lands in the next issue of the magazine.

In this issue you will also find another part of the F-Gaz “The Open Arms of Leeha” describing, after the history of the northern hin published in issue 6, the land and the people that inhabits it.

Another Norwold region on which you will have even more details is the Skaufskogr, the once mysterious region, but not anymore, between Landfall and Oceansend, inhabited by many proud people, humans and not. In this same region of Norwold you will also have the opportunity to challenge the Heldannic invasion, rushing to retrieve a dangerous artifact stolen from the Dragon Kingdom of Wyrmsteeth.

To complete this massive amount of material, and the longest issue of Threshold published so far, you will also find a chronicle of the devastating Flood of Grouzhina, in the far away Midlands of Brun. Also, one more level of the mega dungeon of Koskatep, in this issue describing the ancient city of Ieronyx, where the powerful Lord Keiros once ruled in the name of the Queen of the Night and now undead orcs wait for their next prey!

But our exploration of Norwold and the Northlands isn’t finished yet. In the next issue you will discover even more secrets of the North, provided you did not fall prey of the many terrors that dwell in the cold dark winter nights.

Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)

Editor-in-chief, Threshold Issue #7

Next Issue

Claim your own corner of Norwold in the next issue of Threshold magazine, or maybe support the claim of an ally, or fight against the claim of an enemy, in another article that will provide more companion content to the mythical CM1 module that introduced Norwold in Mystara.

Also in the next issue an adventure in the wild Skaufskogr region, who’s who among the dragons of the Wyrmsteeth kingdom and another level of Koskatep!

Anticipated additional content includes King Ericall’s war on Qeodhar, an overview of North Western Skothar, the Midlands of Brun, the frozen lands of Vulcania in Davania, more Mystaran books and an adventure in Threshold to stop Bargle, expanding the historical Red Box solo adventure!

Warlords of Norwold

Anticipated contents include:

Back Cover Text

Exploring Norwold

Still lost in the Northlands? Do not worry, as this issue of Threshold magazine features the most detailed description of Norwold and its regions ever written for Mystara.

You will have the opportunity to learn more about Leeha and the Skaufskogr, the southernmost region of Norwold, and will receive a vital mission to defend the Dragon Kingdom of Wyrmsteeth from the Heldann invasion.

You will also read about the terrible event of the great flood of Grouzhina and will also discover more secrets of Koskatep, if undead orcs do not eat you!