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by Giampaolo Agosta from Threshold Magazine issue 8

Warlords of Norwold

“All I ever feel is

All I ever see is

Rise and fall

When the War of the Thrones shall begin”

Blind Guardian, “War of the Thrones

For the inhabitants of the untamed Norwold, the advent of spring signals a new season of strife and conflict. Warlords and wizards from distant lands have reached Alpha, ready to compete and claim lands from Alphatian anointed King Ericall. Many candidates though, are not as loyal as they claim, and war is brewing as personal and territorial conflicts arise among the nobility. Far worse; two rival empires, Thyatis and the Heldannic Order, plot to wrest control of Alphatia’s grasp over this northern land.

Soon, one contender will cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. Will the erstwhile adventurers, now established landed lords, remain unified, or will they take opposing sides? Such are the challenges Norwold poses to powerful veteran adventurers...

With this latest issue, Threshold Magazine will have completed its first two years of publication, tendering articles totaling over one thousand pages. We take this occasion to celebrate, and present a twofold offering. First pairing Zendrolion’s massive companion articles for CM1 Test of the Warlords with a set of three adventures. Including an addendum to the Night Below adaptation appearing in Issue 6, a new level of our recurring Koskatep megadungeon, and lastly a return to what was for many of us, our first adventure: Bargle’s dungeon near the town of Threshold. Finally, we round out the compendium with the return of our Lego Comic, and complete our array of Norwold personalities with an assortment of dragons from the Wyrmsteeth.

With this, I welcome you to the 8th issue of Threshold Magazine!

Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles)

Issue 8 Editor-in-Chief