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Where is Thunder Rift

by Håvard

Ca: 12x18 miles

Meaning ca 2 eight mile hexes north south and ca 1,5 eight mile hexes east west.

Up is north.

Where is Thunder Rift?

Thunder Rift can be anywhere. The locations that have been suggested for it are:

Another dimension or pocket plane
Northeastern Darokin

I have decided upon using the last location, mostly because it brings it closer to where most people's campaigns are likely to be set, thus making Thunder Rift more accessible. It can easily be changed to any of the above suggested locations or elsewhere entirely should you wish it. However my Thunder Rift Timeline and other material will assume this location.

Some more ideas for TR has been popping up in discussions in other threads, but I thought I would try and post some of them here. First of all, I have been rethinking the location of TR in the Known World. My current suggestion is moving it to northeastern Karameikos, northeast of Castellan Keep a.k.a the Keep on the Borderlands.

Here's a quick map merging work by Thorfinn Tait with my own as an illustration:

This will mean that the two exits from TR will be shifted slightly. The one in the horned hills will now lead to Ylaruam and the one in the Bone hills leads to Karameikos by way of Castellan Keep. Since both exits are well guarded they are almost never used. There is some trade with Ylaruam though, carefully guarded by those in control in the Horned Hills.

I'd like to further emphasize the Karameikos connection by suggesting that there is a large presence of Traladarans there, though Darokinians have also made their way into the valley. The religion will be mainly the Church of Traladara though (as others have suggested in the past) at least for the humans (And probably Halflings). Dwarves are still clearly of Rockhome stock and Elves remain Alfheimish. Rakastas still hail from Myoshima.

Some other things:
I'm hereby declaring the Vale part of Thunder Rift. The Vale is a subsetting made for the "Dungeons and Dragons: The Adventure Begins Now" game published in the late 90s. It features a small town called Haven (original right?) and a valley surrounding it. Im considering locating Haven, or Valehaven as I am renaming it in the northeastern corner of Thunder Rift.