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Who's Who of Thunder Rift

by Håvard


Thragat Orc’s Blood (Dwarf)
Historical character. He was one of the original members of the Quadrial. He became the lover of Thessandria. Killed by an unknown assassin.

Thessandria Starshine (Elven Wizard)
Historical Character. She was one of the original members of the Quadrial and Thragat’s lover. Killed by an unknown assassin before giving birth to Thragat’s child. Speculation: What if this "Dwelf" (Dwarf-elf crossbreed) was actually born before the parents were murdered? Possibly the truth was hidden to prevent another attempt on his life. Maybe the Dwelf now lives in secret in the dungeons of Mage Island?

Father Patrius Timoris (Human Cleric)
Historical Character. Follower of Halav? The best healer in the valley. One of the original members of the Quadrial. I would imagine there's a statue of him in front of the Melinir Temple.

Gray Raven (Human Thief)
Historical Character. One of the original members of the Quadrial. Killed by Ash the Red. What is his connection to Raven of the Burning Hills?

Korian and Dorian (Halflings)
Historical characters. These two Halflings were two of the original Quadrial members. Korian was killed by Ash the Red.

Ash the Red (Large Red Dragon)
A Large red dragon killed by the original Quadrial after burning down Torlynn. Scortch, a Huge Red Dragon has taken over the lair of Ash. Is Ash still around somewhere, continuing his terrors as an Undead Dragon? This would continue the theme of Thunder Rift being haunted by its past...

Sir Jamesson the Defender (Human Fighter/Paladin?)
Historical Character. He founded the Fighter’s Academy in what is now the Gloomfens. He still haunts the ruins of the Academy. More details on the Spectre Sir Jamesson will follow soon!

Farolas (Dwarf)
Historical character. Founder of the Farolas clan and legendary ruler of the Hearth-Home dwarves. The Hills are named after this legendary Dwarven Hero. He died battling Aristicles by the magical gateway buried below Hearth-Home. (Some of this information was revealed in Escape from Thunder Rift).

The Black Knight (Human Avenger)
The original Black Knight was one of the protégés of Sir Jamesson of the Fighter's Academy. When the Academy was destroyed by the mages of Wizardspire, the Black Knight penetrated that stronghold and killed every mage he could find. Since then he became known as the Black Knight and constructed his stronghold Avenal in the southern swamps. Sir Argyl is the descendant of the original Black Knight and carries on his tradition.

Bran ap Seamus (Unicorn)
Bran ap Seamus is the Unicorn protector of the Brichtwood.

Uchard Tonsha (4HD Wight)
Uchard Tonsha is a Wight leading a horde of ghouls terrorising the Marshwood Swamps. Under Tonsha’s rule, the ghouls threaten the position of the lizardmen in the swamp. How long has Tonsha been a Wight? Is his origins linked to the fate of Kraal Castle? Uchard was a 5th level human fighter in life and has some expertise in combat tactics.