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The Thug class

by David Knott

After some additional reflection, here is my take on a Thug class:

Requirements: Neutral alignment, Str/Int/Dex of 9+.

XP bonus: Based on number of prime requisite ability scores of 13+:

0: -10&
1: +0%
2: +5%
3: +10%

If any prime requisite ability score has fallen below 9, XP penalty becomes -20%.

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level to level 12, +1 hit point per level thereafter.

Armour: Up to chain mail (no shield)

Weapons: Any

Special Abilities:

THAC0: As monster of hit dice equal to level up to level 12. Add one half hit die per level thereafter.

Saving throws: As thief of equal level.

Thieving skills: All thieving skills as thief of equal level.

Fighter combat options: Never gained.

Surprise: 3/6 chance to surprise foes if preparations are successfully made.

Assassination: 50% chance +/- 5% per hit die difference -- See THAC0 above for calculation of Thug's effective hit dice.

Disguise: Chance to avoid detection is 40% at level 1, +10% per level to maximum of 90% at level 6+.

Conceal alignment: Since I don't like to use alignment languages, I would interpret the ability to speak alignment languages as the ability to radiate any desired alignment. A Know Alignment spell cast on a Thug of level 10+ will yield whatever result the Thug desires.

XP table: I would use a slight variation of the table I proposed in an earlier message:

Level XPs
2 0
2 3000
3 6000
4 12K
5 25K
6 50K
7 100K
8 200K

Thugs require 200,000 XPs per level after level 8.