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Thyatian Gladiator

by Byron Molix

Gladiators of the Arena in the empire of Thyatis learn to control their weapons as well as the crowd. They are often heroes within the Empire as long as they are good at what they do. Fighters and Barbarians make excellent Gladiators, but the elite skills of the class will aid anyone whose business is fighting for an audience, or just fighting with style and efficiency.


Base Attack Bonus: +6
Feats: Armour Proficiency Medium, Power Attack Skills:
Bluff: Rank 1
Intimidate: Rank 4
Sense Motive: Rank 1
Spot: Rank 3

Hit Die: 1d10
Class Skills: Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Sense Motive (Cha), Tumble (Dex)

Skill Points per level are 2+Int modifier.

Attack Bonus: As Fighters
Good Saves: Fortitude, and Reflex.

Special Abilities by level.

1) Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Impress Crowd
2) Flourish, Martial Bonus feat, Qualify for Specialisation
3) Martial Bonus feat (MBf)
4) MBf, Use Crowd's Energy
5) MBf
6) Gladiatorial Finesse +1d6, MBf
7) MBf
8) Gladiatorial Finesse +2d6, MBf
9) MBf
10) Gladiatorial Finesse +3d6, MBf


Weapons and Armour:
Gladiators gain proficiency with all Shields, Simple and Martial weapons. They can wear whatever armour they are already proficient with. Note that armour check penalties for armour heavier than leather apply to the skills Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Pick Pocket, and Tumble. Also, Swim checks suffer a -1 penalty for every 5 pounds of armour and equipment carried.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency:
The Gladiator picks one exotic weapon to master upon gaining 1st level.

Impress Crowd:

The Gladiator becomes good at affecting the audience with his skill or antics. Whenever there is a group of onlooking characters watching him fight, even if it is just a bar room brawl, the Gladiator can attempt a Charisma check modified by Gladiator class level to affect the crowd. Use the Perform DC chart to determine basic reaction. The result will enhance his reputation as long as he wins the fight. This ability can be used by multiple gladiators in the same fight without invalidating a previous use.
It can also be used for a group of combatants versus an individual, or another group.


Gladiators have the tendency to perform strange or exotic looking combat moves, but their actions are always deadly serious. At 2nd level the Gladiator gains the ability to misdirect his opponents or lull them into false confidence through his antics in the ring. This ability requires a full attack action, and the gladiator gets only one attack during the round, but it begins right before the first character acting in the initiative order.

The chosen opponent loses a point of AC or Attack Bonus, the DM or opponent's choice, while facing the gladiator until just before the gladiator can go next round, and the gladiator adds an additional 3 points of damage (as a strength bonus) to the strike if it hits. Gladiators cannot use this ability if they are flat-footed, and cannot affect opponents to whom they would lose their dex bonus this round.

Martial Bonus feat:

At every level after the first a gladiator learns a new feat of combat. A gladiator gains bonus feats like a fighter. When the character gains this ability, pick a feat off the list in the PHB for that level.

Qualify for Specialisation:

At 2nd level, a Gladiator has practiced enough with all their weapons that they qualify for the Weapon Specialisation feat. They still have to be focused with the weapon in question, and the feat is not free.

Use Crowd's Energy:

The Gladiator can now use the frenzy of the audience to bolster his efforts. The crowd's positive reaction, and cheers turn into a wave of energy that makes the gladiator fight harder and better. As long as the crowd's base reaction is positive to the gladiator, he can activate this ability. Once activated, the Gladiator gains 2d4 temporary hit points, and adds +1 to hit on all attacks he makes. This ability lasts for 1d10+4 rounds, and cannot be reactivated once it has faded unless the Gladiator makes an Impress Crowd action and beats the previous level by 10.

That is, if he used Impress Crowd to get an enjoyable performance (DC 15), or was perhaps the local favourite to begin with, he would have to turn out a memorable or extraordinary performance to reactivate this ability. This ability can normally be used once per fight, and only works with a crowd of onlookers at least 200 strong.

Gladiatorial Finesse:

At 6th level the Gladiator can make a very precise strike, and every other level thereafter the strike gets more precise. Any medium or light weapon is useable, and a large weapon is useable if the Gladiator is specialised in its use. This must be the only attack the Gladiator makes that round, besides attacks of opportunity, and the extra damage does not multiply.
This damage stacks with sneak attack or other forms of precision damage from other sources.