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Thyatian Provinces

Location: Various places throughout the Isle of Dawn, but concentrated mainly on the western shores.
Area: 401,060 sq. mi. (Caerdwicca: 17,459 sq. mi., Dunadale:168,605 sq. mi., Furmenglaive: 38,410 sq. mi., Kendach: 12,970 sq. mi., Redstone: 57,864 sq. mi., Septentriona: 95,775 sq. mi., West Portage: 9,977 sq. mi.)
Population: 169,000 (Caerdwicca: 2,000, Dunadale: 64,000, Furmenglaive: 3,000, Kendach: 35,000, Redstone: 50,000, Septentriona: 10,000, West Portage: 5,000).
Languages: Thyatian Common (Thyatian dialect official, Redstone dialect also common), Alphatian Common (East Portage dialect), Nithian (Thothian dialect).
Coinage: Thyatian Standard: Emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), denarius (cp). Alphatian coins are also very common: Crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).
Taxes: 25% income tax, collected 4 times a year (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, and Ei. 1). 5% sales tax on all items except food and clothing.
Government Type: Dominions under the jurisdiction of the Empire of Thyatis.
Industries: Agriculture, fishing, trade (in general; each province might have a few extra industries as will be noted in their description).
Important Figures: Deitica Baralius (Governor-General of Septentriona, human, female, F13), Jules Docerius (Captain of the Guard of West Portage, human, male, F12), Periandra Docerius, Baroness of West Portage, human, female, F12), Phileus Furmenglaive (Count of Furmenglaive, human werewolf, male, F20), Lyra Furmenglaive (Countess of Furmenglaive, human werewolf, female, P20 of Protius), Marie Kendach (Countess of Kendach, human, female, F9), Uthgaard McRhomaag (Baron of Caerdwicca, human, male, F16), Edmondo Tiberia (Duke of Dunadale, human, male, F11), Anaxibius Torion (Count of Redstone, human, male, F20), Stefania Torion (Countess of Redstone, human, female, F5 dual-classed to T14).
Flora and Fauna: The Thyatian provinces have the normal animals and plants found for lands of their climate and weather (which are too numerous to all list here). Of special note, goblinoids and roaming bands of mercenary bandits can be found in the hills of the provinces of Dunadale and Redstone. Caerdwicca and the Protectorate of Septentriona have also been experiencing raids from the Aranea of the Great Escarpment.
Further Reading: M5 - Talons of Night, Dawn of the Emperors boxed Set, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3.

Description: by Titia Solenius

The Empire of Thyatis is a feudal monarchy (where the king is called Emperor) in which several nobles swear fealty to the Empire. These nobles are granted dominions within the Empire, and answer directly to the Emperor and Senate. On the mainland, these dominions are called by their rank, that is Barony, County, or even Duchy. When a dominion is not located within the mainland of the Empire, it is traditionally referred to as a province. In fact, so far only the Isle of Dawn and the colonies on Davania have provinces. Except for this difference in terminology, a ruler from the provinces has all the same rights and privileges as any dominion ruler of the same rank from the mainland.

The Land and the People

There are currently seven provinces on the Isle of Dawn. Caerdwicca (Barony) is a small forested province just south of the Thothian Plateau. The barony is rather poor compared to most dominions, and there is no military stronghold to speak of. In fact, McRhomaag Castle is nothing more than a simple two-story building with a wooden wall and ditch surrounding it. The Baron doesn't seem to fear attacks or pirate raids. In fact, pirates docked in the ports often and act respectable when in the Caerdwicca Town. Rumours claim that the Baron McRhomaag has made several deals with these pirates, but I cannot confirm or deny these reports. The people of the town don't complain and in fact enjoy the business goods brought to them by these fraudulent merchants. In fact, their largest concerns at the moment come from the several reported sightings of giant spiders near the Thothian Plateau.

The Province of Dunadale (Duchy) was in fact a kingdom of the Empire of Alphatia until it was conquered in AC 1010. The Thyatian rulership of the dominion was confirmed with the Isle of Dawn Treaty, after which Governor-General Tiberia was named Duke of the land. Now the Thyatian population is on the rise, while Alphatian residents are slowly moving back to Alphatian dominions. Starting from the shoreline, the first 120 kilometres (75 miles) inland are flat and suitable for farming. This is where most colonists sent to the Isle of Dawn from mainland Thyatis make their new homes. Beyond these plains, hills and bogs dominate. In fact, most valleys between the hilltops are swamplands, and entire patrols have disappeared into the muck. The Dunadale Bogs, as they are known, cover over half of the dominion. In fact, many creatures and bandits make their lairs within these swamps (including Mario's Marauders, if reports are accurate. Ed.). Entire Legions are often sent to patrol the borders to the Dunadale Bogs, but still raids make it in and out without problem. The Duke rules the province from the City of Dunadale.

Furmenglaive (County) is the province I enjoy the least being stationed at. The people claim that their hills are the home to undead, lycanthropes, and evil wizards. On each of my patrols, I always had this dark feeling of being watched or followed. This leads me to believe the rumours. Even Castle Furmenglaive, a black fortress sitting atop a large cliff overlooking the sea, looks and feels haunted. Strange noises are reported by most Legionnaires who stay at the castle, especially during periods of the full moon. One lieutenant in fact even claimed werewolves lived within the castle walls, but the Count and Countess deny these claims. The province itself is mainly hills and grasslands, with forests near the border to Caerdwicca. Most villages in the province are well fortified, and the townsfolk diligently patrol the town walls - they do not take their fear of the monsters in the hills lightly, and in fact I can't say I blame them. Many patrols sent into the wilderness have never returned.

Castle Kendach is the heart of the county of the same name. This small province is mainly flat farmlands located just south of the narrowest point of the Isle of Dawn. The southern edge of the county is in fact dominated by marshy wetlands where goblinoids and bandits are known to make their camps. Kendach has always had a military heart out of all the Thyatian Provinces, and for a soldier like myself, there is no better place to live. Their fortresses are in top condition, and everything town has centred their industry on entertaining the military. My men mostly enjoy the numerous brothels and seedy taverns that can be found through the town of Kendach. Kendach laws are more intolerant toward Alphatians, and more recently, of Westrourkites and Helskians. It is believed that this is because of the Countess' desire of revenge against Alphatians for killing her mother during the Wrath of the Immortals. Her anger toward Westrourkites and Helskians (if it is indeed because of anger. Ed.) is probably because they have since declared independence from the Empire.

Redstone (County) is another province renown for its military. While Kendach is regarded as the best place to be posted as a Legionnaire, Redstone is definitely the best training ground for new recruits. Its smiths and armourers are in fact the most renown of the entire Isle of Dawn. As to be expected from new recruits, the military part of the population tend to be rowdy and noisy. The local inhabitants, however, are rather superstitious and hold many beliefs in ghosts and faeries and such. In fact, no Legionnaire or official have ever seen any fey creatures in the land, yet everyone can swear that someone they know has. Sidhes are reported in Sidhe Woods, and it is said that evil faeries control the giant wolves that attack travellers near Ashton Woods. People even keep vigils for the Redstone Lough monster (we are still looking for proof as to its existence as well. Ed.). In terms of land, Redstone has everything from the hobgoblin infested Fengallen Marshes in the west to the Sutherland Grasslands in the north atop the huge cliffs overlooking the Western Sea of Dawn. Farmlands dominate the north-west, while the southern coast is mainly hills.

The province of Septentriona is actually a protectorate under military jurisdiction. Currently, Governor-General Deitica Baralius is in charge of this dense forest wilderness. This land is one of the two places being colonised by Thyatians from the mainland (the other being Dunadale. Ed.). Still, people here report many strange sightings within the dark woods, and patrols of Legionnaires have in fact disappeared without a trace. The colonists claim that the forest is haunted and that the shadows come alive and slay all those who trespass. This is how the area received the name Shadow Coast during the past couple of decades. What exactly goes on in those woods is anyone's guess, and I myself have never been posted to the area so I cannot comment. From what I hear, the woods are so thick that sunlight barely reaches the ground beneath the canopies, so the "shadows" people see can be any number of creatures simply misidentified because of the poor lighting. The Emperor is keeping Septentriona as imperial territory so he can carve it up as dominions granted to heroes who have helped the Empire.

Finally, West Portage (Barony) is the famous province renown for the Crossdawn Road. This road crosses the narrowest point of the Isle of Dawn, and many merchants prefer to make an overland travel from East Portage to West Portage rather than sail around the entire island. The rugged lands of West Portage have absolutely no resources to offer the people living there. In fact, their entire industry relies on the trade and commerce that uses the Crossdawn Road. More so than any other community on the Isle of Dawn, the people of West Portage are so used to having their city change hands from one empire to the other that they don't even notice anymore. In fact, they simply ignore whoever is in charge and get on about their lives. West Portage is crawling with thieves hoping to get their hands on some (and even all) of the cargo that crosses through the town. Any Legionnaire posted to West Portage is sure to have his hands full with bandits and rogues. Captain Jules Docerius tries his best to rout these thieves, but they are much too clever (I personally believe he is actually working for them, but as yet have no proof. BF.).

Recent Events

During the famous war of the Wrath of the Immortals, the Isle of Dawn practically completely fell into the hands of the Empire of Alphatia. Many Thyatian nobles, including Countess Julia Kendach, General Harantius Lycrandonion (of Redstone), and Archduke Donegal Firestorm (of Westrourke) were killed in these massive battles. They even went so far as to invade Thyatis City. Then the Immortals showed their wrath against the Alphatians who dared attack the empire and sank their continent beneath the cold waters of the sea.

Since that fateful day in AC 1009, Thyatis reclaimed most of the Isle of Dawn. Stefania Torion, daughter of Emperor Thincol, was granted Redstone as a county, dividing the province of Westrourke. In fact, Thyatis continued even past this point and proceeded to invade the Alphatian Kingdoms on the Isle. Dunadale, East Portage, Ekto and Trikelios all fell to the mighty Legions. But then Thothia retaliated and conquered most of them back. With the death of Emperor Thincol, Duke Thrainkell Firestorm declared independence for Westrourke. The wars ended in AC 1012 with the Treaty of Dawn (or Isle of Dawn Treaty. Ed.), in which Alphatia regained all its kingdoms except for Dunadale. In exchange, Thyatis granted Thothia sole ownership of the unclaimed Great Escarpment (now called the Thothian Plateau. Ed.). Dunadale was promoted to full duchy status shortly afterwards.

Now, the southern provinces receive refugees from the Thothian Plateau claiming giant spiders chased them out of their homes. The Legion officially does not involve itself in these matters, even though the refugees are Thyatian colonists, mainly because the land belongs to Thothia. In fact, these aranea spiders have made a few excursions into both Caerdwicca, Kendach, and Septentriona, and now the Legion is definitely looking into things.

Also, Marie Kendach is very disappointed with the results of the Treaty. She lost the Kendach Plateau during these talks, and the new fortress built high atop the plateau now falls into the jurisdiction of Alphatian-controlled Ekto. Because of this, and the relative impunity with which Duke Firestorm separated from the empire, the Countess of Kendach is a rather angry noble.

Don't Miss

There are many places to see throughout the various provinces. The Herdane Escarpment of Dunadale allows an impressive view of the sunrise, and the cliff itself makes a great challenge for those who enjoy climbing. If you want to taste the life of a pirate, Caerdwicca is the place to go. The impressive Redstone Castle is by far the most amazing fortress to visit on the entire Isle of Dawn. Even the gnomish contraption that lifts boats onto land at West Portage is worth a visit, from far of course - I wouldn't trust a gnomish invention too much.

My favourite sites are in fact the numerous battlefields that dot the land. I find it a sheer joy to stand atop the hills once used by commanders of numerous armies and retrace in my mind the manoeuvres and battles that took place in the fields below. To relive the tactics used by General Martigan or General Bentharzim of the Alphatians or of the late General Lycrandonion of Thyatis always manages to impress me with the sheer simplicity and brilliance of their strategies. Perhaps one day, people will even come here to see where I stood when I led my men to victory.