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Timeline of Thyatian History

by James Ruhland

BC 600: Under the pressure of Milenian expansion three related Davanian tribes migrate to Brun, in the region around present-day Thyatis, displacing the Toralai Neathar, subjects of the Nithians.

BC 500: Nithia is destroyed by the Immortals. The Thyatians, Kerendans, and Hattians have conquered and absorbed the natives of the area which will one day become Thyatis.

Alphatia enters its first decline. Seafaring Thyatians encounter the Alphatians as they expand into the vacuum left by the vanished Nithians.

Thyatians begin raids against Alphatians, who do not reach Brun.

BC 200: Alphatians discover that the Altan Tepes Mountains held by the Tribes are rich in gold, and decide to conquer them.

BC 192: Alphatian armies invade Brun to conquer the Thyatians, Kerendans, and Hattians. The Tribes put up a stiff resistance, slaying many

Alphatian soldiers and a few Wizards.

BC 190: The Tribes prove no match for Alphatia's magic. Alphatia succeeds in conquering the Thyatian region. For two centuries the Tribes will be subjugated by Alphatia, working in mining conditions similar to that of AC 1000 Esterhold.

BC 2: Lucinius Trenzantenbium, a Thyatian trained in the Alphatian's magical arts, plots to overthrow the occupiers. Alphatian Wizards in Thyatis are slain and Lucinius declares himself King of Thyatis. War breaks out between Thyatis and Alphatia, eventually spreading to a general revolt against Alphatian rule throughout their despotate.

AC 0: Alphatia, ruined by war and bad government, deposes the last Kerothar Emperor and sues for peace. Treaty of Edairo signed on Isle of Dawn ends the war. The treaty liberates Thyatis, Ochalea, the Pearl Islands, and the western half of the Isle of Dawn from the Alphatians. Alphatia then turns to crush the other rebellions wracking their Empire.

General Zendrolion Tatriokanitas assassinates Lucinius and the Kings of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands and has himself crowned Emperor of Thyatis.

AC 1: Thyatis and Alphatia begin to rebuild from the war. Thyatis, under the leadership of Zendrolion and later Valentia, recovers much more quickly and prospers much sooner than Alphatia, which takes 250 years to recover.

AC 12: As a barrier to future Alphatian expansionism Thyatis founds a trading port in Norwold on the site of present-day Alpha.

AC 15: Alphatian northmen mercenaries attack and destroy the trading port of Cape Alpha.

AC 20: Emperor Zendrolion dies and is succeeded by his wife, Valentia. Zendrolion's empire was controlled by force and seems likely to collapse now that he is dead.

Empress Valentia makes her Citizens' Proclamation. She also liberates Ochalea and the Pearl Islands, then invites them to re-join the Empire under the terms of her Proclamation. They accept. Valentia is known as "the Justiciar" from this point forward.

AC 20-313: The Bright Age of Thyatis. In the centuries after Valentia the Empire expanded and worked to make reality of her promises. Arts and learning flourished, Thyatis City became a cosmopolitan mercantile centre, and the security of the Empire was assured. Thyatian rulers support theological and philosophical inquiry, resulting strong clerical orders which help defend the Empire from Alphatian expansionism.

AC 150: Thyatis colonises south eastern Ylaruam.

AC 250: Alphatia conquers northeastern Ylaruam.

AC 313: Civil War in Thyatis as the Hattians revolt against Thyatis. Emperor Alexian II repels their assault on The City, then subdues Hattias, tearing down its walls in punishment.

AC 500: Thyatian and Alphatian colonies in Alaysia begin to clash. These battles go on intermittently for over three centuries.

AC 571: Thyatis builds prisons on the Islands of Ierendi and initiates several penal colonies for hardened criminals.

In need of funds and resources to face the Alphatian menace, Thyatis conquers the Ierendi Islands and seizes the shipbuilding facilities there.

Halflings resort to piracy in response, find they enjoy rapine and looting, and continue their tradition of reaving down to the present day.

AC 600: Penal colonists in Ierendi revolt and drives Thyatis from the isles.

AC 650: The Storm Soldiers hate society takes root in Hattias and starts growing. The sect forms autonomous clans hiding in the hills of Hattias, in the south at first and gradually further north. The group is manipulated by Thanatos to hate all non-Thyatians.

AC 700: Warfare between Thyatis and Alphatia intensifies in the region of Ylaruam.

AC 728: Alphatia launches its "Final Offensive" against the Thyatian colonies in Ylaruam. Though this assault is repulsed with heavy casualties, later Alphatian revisionists and propagandists will attempt to portray this as a victory that drove Thyatis from Ylaruam. In fact, the skirmishing goes on for another century.

AC 788: The Alphatian wizard Halzunthram conquers the Flaems on behalf of Alphatia.

AC 827: Suleiman al-Kalim's forces drive the Alphatians out of Ylaruam.

AC 828: Forces of the desert brigand Suleiman al-Kalim drives the Thyatians out of Ctesiphon and Cubia.

A Thyatian, Lord Alexander Glantri, captures Halzunthram and liberates the Flaems from Alphatia. The population names the land Glantri in his honour.

Ylari forces take Tameronikas from Thyatis. The Alasyians of Tel Akbir remain loyal to the Empire and reject al-Kalim's cult of personality.

AC 900: Thyatis absorbs Traladara, garrisoning the main town which is re-named Specularum, but leaves the Traladarans and their traditional leaders to run their own day to day affairs.

The city of Oceansend is founded in Norwold by Thyatians, and Emperor Gabronius IV initiates a wave of colonisation to the western shores of the Gulf of Hule. Most of the colonists are derived from the Ispan ethnic group of Kerendas. Their colonies become known as the Savage Baronies because of their fractious nature.

AC 948: The Emperor grants approval to the plan of several priests of Vanya to emigrate from Hattias with their followers and conquer a region of their own.

AC 950: Priests of Vanya leave Hattias and land in the Heldann Freeholds, south of Haldisvall. The ruling Haldis clan is defeated and the knights capture their capital city and its vicinity.

AC 959: A trade dispute causes Tylion IV, Emperor of Alphatia, to declare war on Thyatis, launching a "spike assault" against the Empire. Thyatian Decline becomes evident.

AC 960: The Alphatian Spike Assault reaches Thyatis City. An Alphatian strike force enters the city, reaching the palace to kill Emperor Gabrionus V. They murder most of his family with the exception of his young daughter, Gabriela. Thincol the Brave, a famous gladiator, leads a counter attack which rescues Gabriela and drives the Alphatians from the city. Gabriela marries Thincol, who is crowned Emperor.

Oceansend decides to become independent. The Emperor does not oppose this.

AC 962: Alphatian occupation forces driven from Thyatian areas of the Isle of Dawn. With the 2nd Alphatian Decline now evident, Tylion IV is deposed and replaced by his daughter Edriana.

AC 970: Stefan Karameikos trades his birthright, the Duchy of Machetos to Thincol in exchange for the dominion of Traladara which he will rule as an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Empire. Stefan immediately renames Traladara for himself and replaces native rulers with his own cronies and distant relatives, precipitating a revolt against him almost immediately. That revolt is crushed, and Stefan assumes control over the area.

AC 985: Savage Baronies assume roughly their current borders, with 9 fairly stable but disputatious states in existence.

Edriana initiates an Alphatian conquest of Norwold.

AC 988: Thincol begins a Thyatian invasion of the northern coast of Davania, which becomes known as the Hinterlands.

AC 1000: An Alphatian plot to assassinate Emperor Thincol on the Thyatian Millennium is foiled by a band of heroes.