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Thyatis' Backyard

by S. Lentz

I was thinking about all this Karameikos stuff and here is my conclusion that is set up as a rough adventure for somewhat high (5th lvl) characters who want to do some hack and slash:

The Thyatian Army thinks its the best there is (Thyatians usually consider themselves the best race), so seeing how small and weak Karameikos is they would send only a small group of fighting men (500 est.). Seeing as they need to take kill Stefan and family to eliminate any threat. There goal is to take Rugalov and then onto Mirros ending in Fort Doom. They knowing they can count on Penhaligon and assured Kelvin will fight do not need to worry about the North.

Thyatis assures Kelvin that Adrianna will not be killed only the others. Kelvin while although corrupted (Adriannas marriage to another man) he is still somewhat loyal and has always lusted Adrianna, while although willing to help Thyatis (for his own benefit) he could never come to let anyone kill the royal family (except for Hyrakos and the royal grand children) so he has sworn to fight for Thyatis after being promised Adriannas hand by Eusebius and his gets his own Grand Duchy once the war is over (Eusebius plans on killing them all in secret since they're still to much of a risk and THEN telling Kelvin once he has control of the land and the war is over). The ruler of Penhaligon never really was loyal and only wanting the status and benefits of nobility so she sided with Thyatis also.

A night assault was made on Rugalov Keep while a party sneaked over the river and waited behind Rugalov Village killing the messenger going to Mirros. After the Keep was taken Rugalov was utterly destroyed for the villagers could not escape by the road. As Thyatian troops marched through the night to Mirros Kelvin and Penhaligon are told to keep quiet so as to be a surprise assault and also act as reinforcement.

In the Morning Krakatos was razed to the ground with ease a lone Airship (from the school of mage craft) did turn the tide (in favour of Krakatos) early on but its bad construction soon caused it to crash, and Terari was slain in a gruelling magical duel. If characters are at Krakatos (suggested starting point) they might be able to rout the very small amount of men sent to destroy Krakatos (probably 40) and could probably heal Terari soon after Mirros was besieged. The Western Half of Karameikos was alerted however as well as the Five Shires by a messenger from Marilinev, but Darokin is left in the dark. Several messengers were sent up to Kelvin in hope of aid, however Thyatian troops completely surrounded Mirros and no messenger was able to break through. The next day the outer wall was breached and the inner wall was attacked from all sides and all methods, while the city was being assaulted by catapults far off.

Two days after Mirros' besieging Troops from the Five Shires make it to Fort Doom and regroup with the rest of Karameikos' troops. The inner city wall of Mirros was breached in three places and inside only met with minor resistance after most had fled to King Stefan's Palace.

Three days after the besieging of Mirros, Karameikan troops(including the HIN) march and arrive to Mirros. However Thyatis' force prove to be a match even for the allied men. And while battle rages on outside the palace is broken into by Thyatian troops through ancient secret passages and the royal family is killed one by one here is where the war is one or lost. If players are able to find troops ready to slay the members of the royal family or some already slain AND can make it out to tell Kelvin with a royal member (Adrianna volunteers (if still alive)) then the war can be won (remember Thyatis only sent a comparatively small group). If the players succeed go on (note if players inform Kelvin that Adrianna died (if she did) he can not rally his troops for he is to depressed) to the next segment. If not Thyatis conquers Karameikos and it is proclaimed the Grand Duchy of Kelvin.

Four days since Mirros' besieging Thyatian are able to send word to Kelvin and Penhaligon for reinforcements and the Karameikan troops can't hold out much longer. Kelvin sends word to Darokin (players should escort this since Penhaligon will likely try to kill the messenger) informing them of there trouble. Penhaligon Keep sends troops to Mirros to find themselves attacked at Kelvin so they soon retreat to the town of Penhaligon. Kelvin sends excess troops to Mirros to help break the siege.

Next day the troops from Kelvin arrive and lift the siege routing the Thyatian men.

Also if the messenger to Darokin made it, troops from Fort Hobart quickly take the under garrisoned Kings Road Keep and remove Penhaligons ruler and garrison with some help from Kelvin. If Not Penhaligon and all the Altan Tepes (and surrounding hills) are claimed for Thyatis as well as the ruins of Rugalov (following the Volaga up and the edges of the Dymrak forest)

More hatred festers in Eusebius and while Stefan has won the battle he has not won the war. Even If Thyatis wins it claims the Ruins of Rugalov and everything east of that river. If Stefan dies then Queen Prothemia rules naming Valen as her heir, If Valen dies then Adrianna still becomes the heir, If the Queen dies then Adrianna takes the throne if not then Hyrakosos, If both Adrianna die and Hyrakosos dies then Justin takes over, If only the grandchildren don't die then either (DM decides) patriarch (of the church of Karameikos) or steward of Mirros corules Karameikos with Argent till he comes of age, civil war breaks out (another Marilinev rebellion) or a new ruler steps up (ie Kelvin)