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Thyatis (Nation of)

Location: South of Ylaruam, East of Karameikos and Minrothad.
Area: 42,300 sq. mi. (95,175 km2)
Population: 2,700,000 of various races.
Languages: Thyatian Common (Thyatian, Heldann, Kerendan, and Tel Akbirian dialects). Many other languages are spoken within the Empire, especially in Thyatis City.
Coinage: Emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), and denarius (cp).
Taxes: 25% income tax collected quarterly (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, and Ei. 1). Thyatians abroad must still pay their taxes.

Expensive and magical items are also taxes 25% of their worth. 5% sales tax on all but food and clothing.
Government Type: Monarchy influenced by elected Senate.
Industries: Agriculture, mining, warfare.
Important Figures: Eusebius Torion (Emperor, human, male, F15), Coltius Torion (Prince, human, male, normal human), Demetrion Karagenteropolus (Imperial Magist, human, male, M20).
Flora and Fauna: Bears, boars, centaurs, lycanthropes, mountain lions, dryads, and goblinoids can be found throughout the empire. Pegasus and griffons are common near Retebius, while absolutely anything can be found near the magical estates of Scarlas.
Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor box set, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, and Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Favonius Viator

The glorious and magnificent Empire of Thyatis cannot possibly be described in all its grandeur with just a small entry in the Mystaran Almanac. Still, I will do my best to give the wondrous nation its due credits and describe the most important aspects of its people.

This entry describes the NATION of Thyatis, which is the heart of the EMPIRE of Thyatis. Thyatis is a nation like Karameikos or any other, its size almost identical. What allows us to call our nation an Empire is the fact that we control several other nations elsewhere in the world. These nations are called Provinces, and at the moment there are two: the Provinces of the Isle of Dawn, and the Thyatian Hinterland Provinces. Ochalea and the Pearl Islands were also provinces, but they have recently claimed their independence.

The Land

The nation of Thyatis is mainly composed of farmlands, with hills and mountains to the north. Still, much variety exists, and only a brief description will be given. The nation of Thyatis is composed of eighteen dominions, from baronies to Grand Duchies. The most important of these are:

Hattias is a county known for its racial intolerance. The Storm Soldiers make their home here, and they preach about racial purity and how women should stay at home to raise families and not try to learn to fight or obtain power. Hattias has rebelled several times against the Imperial family, and the city is now forbidden to build defensive walls.

Kantrium, a fertile duchy which is the home to farmers and fishermen. Kantrium is a historical site since it was the first dominion formed within Thyatis.

The Duchy of Kerendas is the centre for cavalry training and the source of the best horses within the Empire. The land is mostly grassland, and everyone in the duchy is horse-crazy.

Machetos is a rich farmland which is now the main source of food for the Empire. It has only recently regained its agricultural state after being severely ruined 30 years ago by the Emperor. This duchy was once the Duchy of Karameikos, but the duke gave it up to the Empire for clear rulership of the Grand Duchy of Traladara (now the Kingdom of Karameikos).

Mositius is an island duchy that is the centre of tourism for the Empire. There is an active volcano which releases strange mists unto the island, influencing the behaviours of the inhabitants.

Retebius was the duchy named after the famous Retebius Air Fleet, a flying-mount cavalry renown throughout the world. The Retebius Air Fleet suffered tremendous casualties during the Wrath of the Immortals war, and has yet to recover from the losses.

Tel Akbir is a grassy duchy inhabited by Thyatians of Ylari descent. The Legion is keeping a close eye out for Ylari spies in the area.

Terentias is an island that is hotly contested between Thyatis and Minrothad. The elven inhabitants don't seem to care one way or another, and focus their lives on pirating and sailing. So far, Terentias has remained mostly a Grand Duchy of Thyatis for the past 200 years.

Finally, the Duchy of Thyatis is the heart of the nation and Empire. It is the home of Thyatis City, the wealthiest, grandest, and most powerful city of Mystara. From here, Emperor Eusebius Torion decides on the fate of the Empire and the world around us. People of all races and cultures can be found in Thyatis City, as it boasts trade from around the world.

Other dominions include the County of Actius (shipbuilding), Barony of Biazzan (algebra university), Protectorate of Borydos(prison), Barony of Buhrohur (dwarves), Protectorate of Carythion (wealthy estates), County of Halathius (gold mines), County of Lucinius (port), Protectorate of Scarlas (wizards), and the County of Vyalia (elves).

The People

Thyatians are a proud people, and by their accomplishments, they should be. Pure Thyatians have pale complexions and dark hair, although since any conquered race becomes a part of the Empire, absolutely any characteristic can be found among the people.

Thyatians are efficient and pragmatic. Others view this as treacherous, but we simply do what we need to do to get by. Of course we shall make deals that better our nation. To do otherwise would be foolish and inefficient.

If there is any common love for Thyatians, it would be fighting prowess. Colosseums can be found in almost every Thyatian city, and gladiatorial combats draw in crowds like never seen in other nations.

Recent History

By now, almost everyone has heard of the war between Thyatis and Alphatia from AC 1005 to AC 1009. This war, often called the Wrath of the Immortals because the Immortals destroyed Alphatia for daring to attack us in the first place, caused much death and destruction in the Empire.

Emperor Thincol also became gravely ill at the end of the war, and rebellions occurred almost everywhere when food became scarce. In AC 1010, the Emperor tried to conquer the remaining Alphatian kingdoms at the expense of not feeding his people. These plans shattered when more revolts occurred and when Thothia soundly defeated the Legions on the Isle of Dawn. These battles ended in AC 1012 when Thincol died and was replaced by his son Eusebius. Eusebius returned the food to his people, and Thothia sign the Isle of Dawn Treaty with the Empire insuring peace on the Isle of Dawn. This treaty cost the Empire the Grand Duchy of Westrourke and a few Alatian Islands, but the Empire has now recovered almost fully.

Eusebius is now looking at Davania and plans on expanding the Empire into the unclaimed Jungles of the southern hemisphere.

Don't Miss

There are many things to see in Thyatis, notably the various gladiatorial games - especially during holidays when they are spectacularly bloody. Thyatis also boasts fine theatres and plays, and many nobles throw extravagant parties [some would say decadent. Ed.] in their estates throughout the city.

Of particular note, I would recommend a trip to Argevin Town in Mositius. This island is geared for tourism, and the taverns are open at all hours. In fact, no business ever closes, regardless of how late at night you visit. Servants are found everyone and are ready to cater to your every need. Theatres, dancing halls, and gambling establishments make up every second building. What make the place even more famous is the Mount Mositisu; a volcano which emits magical mists that fall down upon the population of the island. This mist radically alters the behaviour of those who inhale it, causing blind optimism, love, drunken giddiness, laziness, giggling hilarity, or almost any other emotion imaginable. Duchess Triella Tien-Tang somehow controls this mist and makes sure only harmless emotions are inspired by its magic.