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Thyatian emperors

by Simone Neri

Seriously, I've delved very much into the Thyatian emperors issue on the Italian MMB, but I ultimately - with the aid of other fans, in particular LoZompatore - came up with a still different list from that of Ruhland or Mishler, because I tried to keep in it as many canon details as possible, in particular at least some that were overlooked by the two (nevertheless great) fan works you've cited.

These are:

1) The Doranius dynasty. This is a canonical dynasty featured in the Dragonlord Trilogy series of novels (which is set around AC 500, according to some precise calculations by LoZompatore between AC 505 and AC 513). The name of one emperor, Cornelius, is known from the novels, as it's the name of his only daughter, Valeria - aka Solveig Whitegold (which however goes in the Glantrian Highlands along with Darius Glantri, and thus is unlikely to inherit the throne).

2) Numbered names taken from the ship plugs included in GAZ4. If you look at Thyatian ships, you'll see that many of them have numbered names which make us think the ships were named after famous emperors (at least some of them), in particular: Irene III, Julian XVII, Marcus I, Alexis III, Olivia VI, Adriana X, Augustin I, Basil XV.

Now, it's clear that we can't have 15 Basils and 17 Julians, nor a total of 19 female empresses reigning alone. So I supposed that Olivia, Irene, and Adriana were names of famous empresses which reigned alone (Irene) or as consorts to some emperors (Olivia and Adriana), and thus had many ships named upon them (Adriana X means the 10th ship bearing the name of Adriana, not the one ship bearing the name of Adriana X).

Something like that I did with Basil and Julian. In my timeline, they were the grandsons of Valentia and Zendrolion I, that is the first two "young" emperors which unfortunately both died after short reigns. Therefore they're much honoured in Thyatis and this explains the great number of ships named upon them.
On the other hand, Marcus I, Alexis II, and Augustin I have been turned into real emperor, as Justin (his name belongs to the flagship of the Thyatian fleet according to GAZ4, so it's likely this Justin was an important person in the empire).

I came up with the following list, which basically is reworked a little from Ruhland's one to fit the abovementioned information and names:


Zendrolion I (AC 0-20, general)
Valentia ‘the Justifier’ (AC 20-53, wife)
Julian (AC 53-58, grandson)
Basil (AC 58-59, brother)

Augustin I (AC 59-68, senator)
Lucius I (AC 68-85, son)
Augustin II (AC 85-95, brother)
Leontius I (AC 95, brother)
Lucius II (AC 95-111, adoptive son)
Leontius II (AC 111-117, relative from a lesser branch of the Scaurus family)

Alexis I (AC 117-129, brother-in-law)
Leontius III (AC 129-143, son)
Zendrolion II (AC 143-175, son)
Leontius IV (AC 175-180, son)
Stefan I (AC 180-197, brother)
Valeria I (AC 197-202, daughter)
Irene (AC 202-211, daughter)
Alexian II (AC 211-220, son)
Tiberian I (AC 220-223, son)
Stefan II (AC 223-256, brother)
Marcian I (AC 256-287, son)
Alexian II (AC 287-313, son)

Civil War:
Sophius I Kallastines (AC 313-315, general)
Demetrius Candynius (AC 315-316, general)
Sophius II Kallastines (AC 316-317, son of Sophius I)
Tiberian II Isauricus (AC 317, general)
Eugenia Kallastines (AC 317-318, sister of Sophius II)
Derentius Machetos (AC 318-319, general)
Nicephore Antonian* (AC 319-320, general)
Caius Otonis (AC 320, general)

Alexandrion I (AC 320-367, husband of Eugenia Kallastines)
Tiberian III (AC 367-386, son)
Gabrionius I (AC 386-412, son)

Alexian III (AC 412-459, brother-in-law)
Marcus I (AC 459-490, son)
Cornelius (AC 490-523, son)
Justin (AC 523-541, adoptive son)
Alexis II (AC 541-557, son)

The Oversea Emperors:
Lucius III Nuar (AC 557-567, merchant)
Wien Dien-Ling (AC 567-574, patriarch)

Tiberian IV (AC 574-581, senator)
Lucius IV (AC 581-618, step son)
Valeria II (AC 618-642, daughter)
Patricia (AC 642-644, daughter)

Gabrionius II (AC 644-680, commander of the imperial guard)
Andronicus (AC 680-704, son)
Angelus (AC 704-728, son)

Marcian II (AC 728-754, admiral)
Adriana (AC 754-758, wife)
Aurelian (AC 758-761, son)
Marcus II (AC 761-783, brother)
Alexandrion II (AC 783-795, son)

The Palace Emperors:
Alexis III Penhaligon (AC 795-797, chamberlain)
Lodovico Villari (AC 797, courtier)
Octavian Kantrius (AC 797-799, duke of Kantrium)

Giovanni I (AC 799-811, general)
Olivia (AC 811-831, daughter)
Rudolf (AC 831-843, husband)
Adolf (AC 843-864, son)
Giovanni II (AC 864-876, son)

Gabrionius III** (AC 876-898, courtier)
Gabrionius IV (AC 898-913, son)
Gabrionius V (AC 913-960, son)

Thincol (AC 960-… , gladiator)

* Nicephore never took the title of "emperor", but reigned as "regent" for Eugenia Kallastines, which theoretically held the imperial crown during all this period.
** Gabrionius III was forced by a civil war to flee the capital in AC 878 and to seek shelter on the Isle of Dawn, where he stayed for most of his reign. In his place was raised to the throne Belisarius Antonoterion (AC 878-880, duke of Kerendas), but for the whole AC 880-897 period (after which Gabrionius III went back to the mainland as rightful emperor) the capital and the mainland were ruled by a regency council made up by aristocrats.


As you see I've changed some of Ruhland's names which IMO felt too "Milenian", and substituted them with names more "Thyatian" or taken from the ship plugs in GAZ4.
The name of the last dynasty (previous to the Torions, the Eusebos) was changed to reflect the fact that Olivia Prothemian (from GAZ1, wife of Stefan Karameikos) is said to be a cousin of Thincol Torion - thus related to the past imperial family (it's unlikely she comes from Oceansend... ).
The civil war under the reign of Gabrionius III and the emperor's exile on the Isle of Dawn has been included to reflect the fact that in M5 (page 48) it's said that the pregenerated PC Shebb Woolsey "remembers visiting Thyatis 130 years ago when it was nothing more than a large city-state ruled by shiftless no-accounts" (yes, I know this comes from the old modules' assumption that Thyatis has risen to greatness only in the past century, but it'd be not bad to include some colourful elements as these in Thyatian history, also to reflect the weakening of the throne which should have brought the empire from a centralised imperial state to a feudal imperial state).