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Thyatian Gladiator Campaign for 4e

by Chad Imbrogno

There is an old Gamecube game called Gladius that my friends and I loved to death. Sadly, there hasn't been anything quite like it since. So I decided to create a pen and paper experience that was similar. I felt this would be the best use of 4th edition I could think of and of course any excuse to run something in Mystara can't be passed by.

I have almost everything ready to run the damn thing but... I don't know if I'll ever get the chance. The groups I'm in just aren't a good match for it. In order to keep that work from going to waste, I thought I'd share it with everyone here and maybe get some feedback for if I ever did run it.

The main question I had remaining was whether the gladiatorial opponents should be other fully generated PCs or treated as monsters. While it isn't documented, the final decision was leaning towards building them as monsters and then fleshing them out as PCs if they were recruited.