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I've found this file among my Thyatis Character Reference documents. It was part of the draft Giulio Caroletti (a.k.a. Captain Scaevola) and I worked on quite a few years ago. It might be of use to those researching the Thyatian Senate, as it contains a large development of the Senate (circa 1/2 of it). It is not edited, so Italian construction and odd-looking calques are to be expected.
Also, it uses AD&D 2e stats (so 20th level is about equivalent to level 34-36 in OD&D), and is set in the MA era.

Thyatian Senate

by Giampaolo Agosta and Giulio Caroletti


Each Dominon Ruler of the Empire has the right to choose a representative in the Senate. A Ruler with the status of Baron or Count may even choose to be his own representative, but it is not an usual occurrance.

1)Actius: Count Geraldan Actavius. Gens Sergia.
Geraldan Actavius chose himself as representant of his island. See his entry in the Characters section.

2)Biazzan: Ahmed El Nicoui. Gens Aemilia. Male 33, Fighter 3. LG.
Ahmed El Nicoui is married to baron Babrak’s younger sister. Ahmed is an Alasyian who is completely loyal to the Empire, although he has somewhat traditionalist views regarding women and magic users. But he is more open minded than many, because he never lets his prejudices get in the way of his judgement. He has a great respect, as an example, for Leana Scaurus (“that woman could be a honorable man”). Ahmed is a tall man, although not very beautiful.

3)Buhrour: Thrain Kalskirt. Gens Aemilia. Male 186, Dwarven Fighter 7. LG.
Thrain is an experienced dwarven diplomat, although he is young. He has been chosen by Gilla, in accord with the desire of the ancient members of the clan. Thrain has spent several years adventuring in Thyatis and Rockhome before turning to politics, acting as a minor diplomat in matters involving dwarves. He has revealed himself to be a good politician, and has succedeed more than once for the benefit of Buhrour before being chosen for this role a few years ago.

4)Caerdwicca: Eleanor McStewart. Gens Sergia. Female 27, Thief 8. N.
Eleanor is a beautiful woman who is a distant relative of Uthgard McRhoomag. She seems distant and aloof when attending the Senate’s sessions, but she is very attentive to all that happens. She loves Uthgard (maybe too much, considering that they are relatives), and always discusses everything that happens in the city with him.

5)Furmenglaive: Ion Andriscon. Gens Aurelia. Male 52, Bard 20. NG.
Ion Andriscon is an exceptional bard adventurer who has retired, and a long time friend of Count Phileus. Ion travelled all over the Isle of Dawn and in the Alphatian regions, and has even been for some time a spy in Alphatia, given his extraordinaire ability in languages and disguises, that allowed him to act as an Alphatian for years.

6)Halathius: Alex Andreana. Philosophers. Male 42, Fighter 17. N.
Husband of countess Sabrina, Alex is an ex-military officer. He retired from the position in AC 1009, at the end of the War. Alex seems always worried for some reason, and he is overshadowed by the personality of his wife, although he isn’t aware of this. Alex is taciturn and doesn’t speak much even in the Senate; however, the few times he does he can be surprisingly sharp.

7)Hattias: Alfred Voralberg. Hattians. Male 38, Fighter 7. LE.
An advisor of the Oesterhaus family, Alfred hates everything, especially Thyatis. He can’t stand elves, dwarves, Alphatians and Alasyians, but really hates Thyatians. However he is a sly man, and a skilled politician. This is why he has been chosen by Count Heinrich, although he resents this position because he has to be careful in his speech and must avoid spitting all his despise on everything not Hattian.

8)Heldun: Shreda of Dunadale. Gens Zendrolian. Male 29, Fighter 6.
Shreda is a former officer of the Alphatian army who has been a Thyatian spy. He is disliked by most senators who doesn’t see him as an “honorable person”, but in fact they just resent that a young Alphatian has reached this position. Shreda doesn’t care- his love for the Thyatian “freedom” confronted to the magiocratic Alphatian tyranny is too big. He is married since the young age of 22 with a woman from West Portage, who bore him two sons and one daughter.

9)Hinterlands: Leila ben Nadir.
Leila has been appointed directly by Eusebius. She is a pro-tempore senator until it will be definitely decided what to do with the Hinterland status. Leila is not too present in the Senate, considering that she has a lot to do in the Hinterlands. She returns to Thyatis only to attend sessions where military or colonies matters are to be discussed.
She is the sister of Tarik ben Nadir.

10)Kantrium: Cratetes di Mallo. Male 53, Fighter 2.
Cratetes is at the same time a renowned grammarian and a rabid misanthrope, friend of the duke of Kantrium. His choice as a senator is incomprehensible, Cratetes is nearly always absent and when he is present he delights himself in creating troubles to the others. He is a solitary man, whose wife died many years ago, and with no relations at all with his daughter Arianna (Female 24, Fighter 1).

11)Kendach: Filostratos Einari. Free Thinkers. Male 44, Normal Man.
Filostratos is a merchant, and little interested in politics. He doesn’t like the senatorial position, which he received only because Julia Kendasius wants him to act on behalf of the Kendasian merchants, to help them get the upper hand over those from West Portage.

12)Kerendas: Rutilius Lupo. Gens Aemilia. Male 37, Fighter 13.
A few years ago, just a troublemaker in the army, now a loyal henchman of Maldinius Kerendas.

13)Lucinius: Irene Pallathakis. Gens Sergia. Female 62 (app. 30), Wizard 11.
A skilled wizard, Irene is an advisor of count Patrizio.

14)Machetos: Urban Sakigenetos. Populares. Male 63, Normal Man.
One of the few friends of Callastian Jowdynites.

15)Minrothad: xxx
Former Minrothad ambassador in xxx. [still to clarify position given Minrothad annexation to the Empire]

16)Mositius: Anthony McIntosh. Populares. Male 31, Fighter 16.
Member of a noble family, he refused the title and left to adventure. Friend of dukess Triella.

17)Ochalea: Ling Tzu Xchen. Philosophers. Male 52, Cleric 11.
One of the high priests of Koryis.

18)Pearl Islands: Tanarobi Nuar. Philosophers. Male xx, Xx.
Add two levels to DotE figure.

19)Redstone: Marcelo Cerrano. Gens Zendrolian. Male 37, Fighter 16.
A former gladiator, friend of Anaxibius…

20)Retebius: Marzia Venobis. Gens Zendrolian. Female 27, Normal Woman.
Jurist and expert in laws.

21)Septentriona: Deitica Baralius. Gens Zendrolian. Female 47, Fighter 14.
Governor-general of Septentriona. She has been appointed pro-tempore, like Leila.

22)Tel Akbir. Farid ben Nadir. Gens Aemilia. Male xx, Fighter 3.
Son of Tarik.

23)Terentias: Vlad Gilewicz. Populares. Male 28, Thief 13.
Born in Thyatis from Klagorst parents (!). Now a pirate and a troublemaker in the Senate.

24)Thyatis: Popilian Silonis. Gens Zendrolian. Male 23, Fighter 7.
A friend of Prince Coltius.

25)Vyalia: Linfarillien Greenheight. Philosophers. Elven Male 262, Wizard 11.
A member of Greenheight clan, not related with count Yldrisyl.

26)West Portage: Jules Docerius.
Nephew of countess Periandra, and leader of the West Portage garrison.

27)Westrourke: Phaedrus Aneritian. Populares. Male 40, Cleric 18.
Friend of Thrainkell Firestorm, even if now he is more distant from his positions.

DUKES (11)

Dukes and Arch-Dukes receive a seat in the Senate. The Emperor also has a seat, not as Emperor but in his function as the Duke of Thyatis. Note that the ruler of Heldun doesn’t have a seat in the Senate as he/she is considered a half indipendent ruler.

1)Duke of Thyatis, Eusebius Torion, Emperor. Gens Zendrolian.

2)Duke of Kantrium, Leonidas Ruggiero. Populares.

3)Duke of Kerendas, Maldinius Kerendas. Gens Aemilia.

4)Duke of Machetos, Callastian Jowdynites. Populares.

5)Duke of Mositius, Triella Tien Tang. Gens Zendrolian.

6)Duke of Retebius, Callastian Retebius. Gens Zendrolian.

7)Duke of Tel Akbir, Tarik ben Nadir. Gens Aemilia.

8)Arch Duke of Ochalea, Teng Lin Dieu. Philosophers.

9)Arch Duke of the Pearl Islands, Nurokidu Nuar. Philosphers.

10)Arch Duke of Terentias, Derentarius. Gens Aurelia.

11)Arch Duke of Westrourke, Thrainkell Firestorm. Gens Zendrolian.


There are 40 major aristocratic families in Thyatis, known as the “senatorial families”. These have an hereditary right to a senatorial seat, and if one of them is guilty of accusations that result in the stripping of title, then a member of the family inherits it.

1)Actavius, Rutiliano. Gens Sergia. Male xx, Wizard 10.
Son of Geraldan Actavius

2)Aenobarbus, Domitius. Gens Zendrolian. Male 44, Normal Man.
One of the strongest supporters of Eusebius, Domitius believes whole-heartedly in the need for an Emperor and in its right to be the strongest possible.

3)Aurelian, Tracin. Gens Aurelia. Male 51, Cleric 3.
Tracin Aurelian is the brother of Adrian Aurelian. He is a cold and mocking man who thinks that everything should bow to the Church, and is a scholar of religion. Moreover, he applies to the letter the Immortals’ word.

4)Colonna, Bartolomeo. Populares. Male 39, Fighter 17.
Bartolomeo Colonna was a mercenary leader in Thyatis. When his father died, he assumed the Senatorial title and left the mercenary position, because it was not appropriated to his new role.

5)Cubitius, Kymon. Gens Zendrolian. Male 65, Normal Man.
Kymon is a skilled politician, an old man, an old supporter of Thincol, but still an active man.

6)Di Francesco, Drosos. Gens Aemilia. Male 32, Fighter 2.
Di Francesco is the representant of the last family who entered the forty. He is a calm and polite man, and not particularly active in the Senate.

7)Docerius, Lupus. Gens Sergia. Male 42, Fighter 21.
The mightiest fighter of the Empire, among the ten best fighters of Mystara.

8)Dominikon, Laurentius. Gens Aemilia. Male 51, Fighter 3.
Laurentius is cousin of Varos Dominikon, inherited his uncle's seat because Varos was forced to step down due to his corruption being discovered.

9)Evergetes, Nicander. Male 41, Thief 6.
Nicander is secretly one of the leaders of the Shadow Hand, and at the same time a strong supporter of Eusebius.

10)Fabius, Quintus. Gens Aemilia. Male 32, Fighter 8.
The Fabius family is one of the most ancient and renowned families of the Empire.

11)Furmenglaive, Phileus.
Phileus is Count of Furmenglaive.

12)Getecus, Goron Ordekis. Gens Zendrolian. Male xx, Fighter x.
Cousin of Lord Decimus Ordekis.

13)Hyraksos, Valerius. Gens Zendrolian. Normal Man.
Son of Lucine Hyraksos. Brother of Constans.

14)Kendasius, Stephanos. Gens Aemilia. Male 34, Fighter 2.
Stephanos is a distant relative of Baroness Periandra.

15)Kerendas, Philippos. Gens Aurelia. Male 22, Cleric 6.
Eldest son of Maldinius Kerendas. As member of this family, he has the right to this senatorial seat.

16)Korrigan, Georgos. Gens Zendrolian. Male 55, Thief 7.
A supporter of Eusebius. A very short-sighted man.

17)Lentulus, Darian Cornelius. Republicans. Male 36, Fighter 12.
Lentulus is the heir of the republican ideals of Fabritius Luscinia.

18)Lucinius, Julian. Gens Sergia. Male 31, Thief 2.
Julian is a paranoid senator who fears to take any position in the Senate.

19)Lycandronion, Aemiliana. Gens Aurelia. Female 47, Wizard 4.
Aemiliana is a wizard who would like to see the magic using administered by the Church.

20)McRhoomag, Iliana. Populares. Half-elf Female 50, Fighter/Thief 2/3.
Iliana is Uthgaard’s cousin.

21)Metellus, Quintus Valerius. Free Thinkers. Male 39, Fighter 9.
Valerius Metellus is a retired adventurer and soldier.

22)Murco, Postumo. Gens Aemilia. Male 50, Wizard 4.
A snobbish and effeminate aristocrat, Postumo is an uncaring man who is affiliated to the gens Aemilia only because of family relations, while in fact he is totally uncaring of politics.

23)Oesterhaus, Danielle. Hattians. Cleric 6.
Danielle is the second child of Heinrich Oesterhaus. She is much smarter than her brother Hansel, and she has been chosen by Heinrich to stir up problems in the Senate.

24)Orsini, Paolo. Populares. Male 32, Fighter 8.
Paolo enjoys verbal debates. He is famous for trying to defend defendless positions. He is not too tall, with blue eyes and light brown hair, plus a short beard. Paolo Orsini comes from an ancient noble family, but already his grandfather had left the aristocratic ways, since he had worked hard to restore the prestige of his family, by then fallen, although still present in the Senate.

25)Ottaviano, Aiace. Gens Sergia. Male 48, Fighter 7.
Aiace has lost his right arm in war. He is now a very irritating but clever senator.

26)Palikratidius, Silvia. Gens Aurelia. Female 29, Wizard 6.
Another of the aristocrat senators who doesn’t care for anything. She votes according to the desires of Thyarius.

27)Patrizio, Mauro Vhakas. Gens Aurelia. Male 26, Cleric 3.
A young clericalist, Patrizio has more than one issue with his distant cousin of Lucinius.

28)Paulus, Kritias. Gens Aemilia. Male 40, Fighter 1.
Leader of the Paulus family and co-leader of gens Aemilia.

29)Penhaligon, Alorian “Lorn”. Male 37, Wizard 18.
An arch-mage living in Sclaras. [Temporary Note: set double standard for Sclaras. Official 20, TCR 12]

30)Porpora, Caesar. Gens Aemilia. Male 54, Fighter 2.
A rich aristocrat.

31)Prothemian, Nizam. Gens Aemilia. Male 76, Thief 6.
The older brother of the queen of Karameikos.

32)Retebius, Alexandros. Gens Aemilia. Male xx. Fighter 7.
Alexandros is jealous of Callastian’s fame, and would do anything to do something to him.

33)Scaevola, Lucius Sergius. Gens Sergia. Male 57, Fighter 11.
Uncle of Iulius, important senator of gens Sergia. A weird person.

34)Scaurus, Leana. Gens Aemilia. Female 37, Normal Woman.
Head of Scaurus family, leader of gens Aemilia.

35)Sirenides, Teodora. Populares.
Teodora is a sirenid…and her family too. For centuries.

36)Teng, Lee Dai. Philosophers. Male 50, Mystic 14.
An Ochalean scholar, distant relative of the Arch-Duke.

37)Urbania, Alan Parso. Gens Sergia. Male 49, Thief 20.
Alan is of Darokin descent, and a merchant.

38)Von Hendriks, Frederik. Hattians. Male 42, Fighter 7.
A good fighter and soldier, Frederik is however extremely “Hattian”.

39)Vorbian, Kallistos. Gens Aurelia. Leader of Gens Aurelia. Male 46, Cleric 9.
Kallistos Vorbian is a silent and pondering man.

40)Zenobius, Pertinax. Gens Aemilia. Male 23, Wizard 9.
Pertinax is one of the most active enemies of Eusebius.


74 Senators are elected in democratic elections

Although the elections are called by the Empeor, there must not be more than 6 years between two elections.
The elective Senators are chosen by the following formula:
1 senator from each Barony
2 senators from each County
3 senators from each Duchy
5 senators from each Grand-Duchy, Exarcate, plus Heldun and Thyatis

1)Seline Valleides. Populares. Talewoman of the Populares.
2)Appius Glantri. Populares.
3)Werner Van Holze. Lieutenant of the Flamen of Solarios. Gens Aurelia.
4)Angelarian Canolocarius. Free Thinkers.
5)Harald Van Braun. Pure Ones.


Religious Representatives

The 12 Pontifices of Thyatis, and the 3 Flamines, are all accorded the senatorial title. If one of them resigns his position, he loses the Senatorial title too, although many are awarded a “meritory seat” [see below].

1)Okwongko Puar. Pontifex. Male 47, Priest 13 (of Korotiku).
2)Alexander Aghlin Penhaligon. Pontifex. Male 42, Priest 19 (of Tarastia).
3)Adrian Aurelian. Gens Aurelia. Pontifex. Male 44, Priest 11 (of Solarios).
4)Michele Kostantinidis. Pontifex. Male 78, Normal Man.
5)Karl Weierstrass. Pontifex. Male 50, Priest 9 (of Vanya).
6)Daniela Borghi. Pontifex. Female 31, Diviner 12.
7)Polieidos Albinus. Pontifex. Male 32, Fighter 6.
8)Fileleimon Nomeutikos. Pontifex. Male 65, Priest 9 (of Khoronus).
9)Menelaos Peleides. Pontifex. Male 28, Priest 9 (of Vanya).
10)Ilian Cestis. Pontifex. Male 68, Wizard 10.
11)Roman Malatesta. Pontifex. Male 41, Diviner 11.
12)Gaia Ephore. Flaminia Tarastiana. Female 58, Priestess 17 (of Tarastia).
13)Xanthippe Thessalika. Flaminia Valeriana. Female 29, Priestess 9 (of Valerias).
14)Quintus Mucius Augure. Flamen Solarios. Male 53, Priest 11 (of Solarios).
15)Aulo Sempronio Asellius. Pontifex. Male 40, Priest 20 (of Khoronus).


Meritory Persons

A varying number of senators are meritory persons, and will be former generals, diplomats, resigning rulers, etc; these senators are elected by the Senate, receive their position for life, and their seat is personal; thus, at the death of one of them, the Senate elects one more; there cannot be more than 39. Now there are 22.

1)Demetrion Karagenteropolus. Gens Zendrolian.
2)Alkybiades Nemeicus. Pure Ones.
3)Decimus Ordekis. Gens Zendrolian. I think he’s tired of being moved up and down...

[Note: only 3 were ever detailed]