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Thyatian Senators

by Andrew Theisen

Was compiling some info from DDA1 and 2, and came up with a partial list of Thyatian Senators. Can anyone think of any that I may have missed, either canonically or non-canonically?

Angelarian Canolocarius - Thyatis City (DotE DM's Guide)
Helenites Osteropolous - Thyatis City? (DDA1 and 2)
Baralidu Nuar - Pearl Islands (DDA2)
Flavia Metonenzes - ? (DDA2)
? Acrocuzritos - ? (DDA2)
? Kelophorios - ? (DDA1)


1) It isn't explicitly stated that Helenites is the other Senator of Thyatis City, but it is a reasonable inference, given that his family has had an estate in the city for several hundred years, and that his father also held the position prior to him.
2) Baralidu Nuar is likely the Pearl Island's sole Senator, per the guidelines in DotE, book 2 p. 14 ("...each count or duke ruling a dominion chooses one Senator"; PI is ruled by an Archduke).
3) The city, alliance of towns, or dominion that Flavia represents is not given. Presumably she represents one of the other mainland Thyatian dominions or cities; I'd say it's fairly likely she is the Senator representing the Duchy of Thyatis- which, even though it's technically ruled by the Emperor, probably also still counts as a Duchy for purposes of Senatorial representation, giving the Duchy, effectively, three Senators - not unlike several other mainland dominions, like Hattias, Retebius, Tel Akbir, etc.)
4) The first name of this Senator is not given; we only know of him through another character in the adventure, Valentine Acrocuzritos, who is a ne'er-do-well. Similarly, the district he represents is not given. More than likely another mainland Senator, and not a provincial one, however.
5) Another character who is introduced by way of his wayward son, in this case Galatio Kelophorios. His father is described as "a prominent yet surprisingly virtuous senator, honestly elected by a backwater district". A backwater district could be any number of places; offhand, I'd say either one of the Isle of Dawn dominions or else Actius or Terentias.

by JTrithen


? Favonius - ? (Joshuan's Almanac & Book of Facts, p. 9)


Quintus Valerius Metellus - Kantridae, Duchy of Kantrium (Vaults of Pandius)
Giacomo Torricelli - Kerendas (Vaults of Pandius)
Manuelus Nicholous (Vaults of Pandius, from the article ""A Short Reference to Thyatian Literature")

These senators below are of my own creation:
Diatres Imlacris - County of Vyalia? (my campaign)
Andronicus ‘Valernicus’ - Thyatis City/northeastern regions roundabout the city? (my campaign)
Julsinius Acinavoit - ? (my campaign)


1. All we know about him is he is well-to-do. We learn about him from his second son Viator Favonius (a merchant, rake, and correspondent for Joshuan Gallidox).
2. Quintus Valerius Metellus is a nobleman from an ancient family of the northern mountains of Kantrium; he is of the ranks of "Free Thinkers," among the senators. (This is an NPC by Giulio Caroletti.)
3. Giacomo Torricelli is a corrupt senator of Kerendas, in AC 1015. (Created by MF1234.)
4. Manuelus Nicholous was a scholar, treasury minister, and (briefly) a Senator in the later half of the 10th century AC; author of "The Senator." (Created by Giulio Caroletti and James Ruhland; previously appeared on "Tome of Mystara, Issue #3")
5. Senator Imlacris is a represenative of a western Thyatian region, probably one of the two or so senators from the County of Vyalia. He would represent the more "human" portion of the county, i.e., Foreston, its environs, and many of the non-elven inhabitants, though he has a pretty "elven" point of view. In my campaign, he was a powerful, respected political figure, fairly neutral, and eventually "fell from grace" due to dark dealings with fiends. He is human (NM), though quite regal and "elven"-looking. He has a well-kept estate in northeastern Thyatis City known to most simply as "Imlacris;" a majority of its grounds make up a very grand "elven-like" garden.
6. Julsinius Acinavoit is just a name I came up with for another senator.