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Thyatian Timeline AC 1000 - 1012 (alternate)

by James Ruhland

Below is a synopsis of events regarding Thyatis after AC 1000. I didn't include a lot of boring mundane events (the ones I can still remember, I mean. It's been awhile). I just cut to the "interesting" stuff.

This timeline differs from the official one in three ways, and let me explain why:

1) The first way it differs: it was primarily Alphatia, not Thyatis, that suffered from rebellious colonies (with one exception). This, IMO, fits more into the nature of the conflict and the nature of the Empires themselves. I am still looking for someone to explain why Ochalea & the Pearl Islands revolted, especially since the patron of the Pearl Islands, Korotiku, was on the side of the Fellowship of the Star.

Norwold went independent in accordance with the background of the modules that are set there, especially Revenge of Alphaks. Esterhold got some "encouragement" from Thyatian-oriented PCs, and the place is probably the worst hellhole in either Empire. Esterhold didn't succeed in becoming independent until much later, but it did lead to a simmering revolt.

Neither the defection of Norwold nor the revolt in Esterhold had any real impact on the outcome of the war, however.

2) Karameikos did declare independence, and they got a nice little civil war of their own for their troubles (due to two factions, one pro-Thyatian faction and one Traladaran faction). This resulted in a lot of events which I boiled down to a short description. As to why Oliver Jowett picked that particular time to die, well lets just say he couldn't have done it without help.

3) The Alphatians and Ethengari cooperated more closely in my version of the Wrath War than they did in the "real" one. This resulted in Alphatia invading Heldann instead of Thyatis (C'mon, anyone with a map can see that: instead of going through the 800 lb gorilla of Brun, then bullying their way through a number of other nations, the 2,000 lb. Dragon of Mystara simply goes through some Knights, gets free passage through Ethengar and Ethengarian help, and invades Glantri directly). This resulted in an interesting outcome later.

4) Oh, one more thing: Thyatis doesn't end up trying to conquer outright the Alphatian half of the Isle of Dawn. Thincol is supposed to be crafty and creative. In my campaign, he was. He couldn't have guessed about the Thothians, but he would have come up with something eventually. And without the 2,000 lb. Dragon in the background, he had time on his side (well, not *his* side, but on Thyatis'). Same with Bellissaria, except he couldn't have guessed another in a series of "New Alphatian Empires" would rise there. Miscalculation I guess in the latter instance.

Without further ado, the timeline itself:

AC 1000: An Alphatian plot to assassinate Emperor Thincol on the Thyatian Millennium is foiled by a band of heroes.

AC 1005: Alphatia declares war on Glantri. Thyatis Declares war on Alphatian in response to defend Glantri from Alphatian aggression. The Heldannic Knights and Ostland, Thyatis' ally, follow suit.

AC 1006: Karameikos sells out. Stefan betrays Thincol, signing a treaty with Alphatia and declaring Karameikos an independent Kingdom in exchange for Alphatian support in building a school of magic in his nation. Hulean forces invade Darokin and Karameikan troops are dispatched to help repel them.

Civil War breaks out in Karameikos when Oliver Jowett dies and a faction under Oderby declares themselves loyal to Thyatis. Kelvin and other pro-Thyatian dominions side with the rebels, and von Hendricks declares himself King of his own accord.

Ylari forces raid Thyatis, sacking Biazzan.

AC 1007: Newkirk falls to Alphatian forces on the Isle of Dawn. Esterhold revolts against Alphatia at the instigation of Thyatian agents, and Norwold declares itself independent.

Traladaran lordships (including Marilenev) stand aside in the ongoing civil disorder in Karameikos. Iron Ring thieves kill several prominent Karameikans. Stefan recalls his forces from Darokin. Stalemate in Darokin results, with the Master of Hule establishing puppet "Democratic City-States" in Akorros and Akesoli.

Ethengari invade Heldann at the partial instigation of Alphatia.

AC 1008: Eruul Zaar turns traitor and opens his city to the Alphatians. Alphatian armies conquer northern portion of the Isle of Dawn.

Later that year, Alphatia sends its navy to invade Thyatis, but the Thyatian fleet repulses them with heavy casualties in the Sea of Dawn.

Karameikan forces gain upper hand in Civil War, but are stymied in Siege of Kelvin. Hin forces expel the troops of von Hendricks from their lands.

AC 1009: Alphatia sends a fleet to Ylaruam to decoy the Thyatians. Thyatians and Alphatians clash near Tameronikas.

Main Alphatian fleet invades Heldann, conquering Freiburg in cooperation with the Ethengari. Alphatian forces march through Heldann, bypassing the other strongpoints of the Knights, and into Ethengar. They are now allied with the Ethengari (who dislike Glantri), and Alphatian skyships soar over their combined army, which will likely crush Glantri.

Sundsvall is destroyed by a massive storm, killing many Alphatians including Empress Edriana. A week without magic begins and Alphatian forces in Ylaruam surrender to the Thyatians. Alphatian skyships crash to the ground when their lift disappears (due to the lack of magic), killing the crews and marines and crushing hundreds of soldiers who were marching beneath them. The Ethengari blame the Alphatians, and fighting breaks out between them. Without magic, the Alphatians are massacred by the Ethengari horse archers. The Heldannic Knights recover Freiburg.

Zandor declares himself Emperor and gathers the Thousand Wizards to smite Glantri City and reduce it to rubble. The Wizards Teleport over Glantri and begin to assault it with magic. Alphatia sinks and the Wizards disappear [Taken by the Immortals to the Hollow World].

Siege of Kelvin is broken when Thyatian troops march into Karameikos. Magda Marilenev welcomes their arrival and Karameikan independence fades. Stefan surrenders and is exiled, with Desmond Kelvin appointed to rule one part of the region and Magda Marilenev another. The Dymrak Forest is absorbed into the County of Vyalia.

Thincol ages during the periods without magic. For some reason potions used later do not reverse this condition (modified curse of Anya which occurred when Freiburg fell.)

AC 1010: Thincol adds Alphatian units that surrendered last year into the Thyatian Army to rebuild its strength. Tameronikas is annexed in retribution for the Ylari raid on Biazzan.

Thincol sends forces to reclaim the Thyatian portions of the Isle of Dawn and to conquer Aegos when it is learned that a tunnel to the Hollow World can be found there. Aeria surrenders to Thyatis following the conquest of Aegos and agrees to build Airships for the Thyatians (first prototype is sabotaged and crashes). Gaity is opened up to Thyatian colonisation by Thincol but not made a part of the Empire (it is to serve a buffer between the Thyatian regions and Alphatian-controlled Bellissaria).

Thyatis signs peace treaties with several formerly Alphatian dominions on the Isle of Dawn (the Confederation of Dunadale and The Kingdom of Hillvale primarily), intending to gain indirect control over them through influence (economic and political). Thyatis re-conquers Helskir, forcing Zaar and Asteriela to flee. They go into exile in Thothia. Thyatis claims the Great Escarpment and begins to colonise it.

The Heldannic Knights, now allied with the Ethengari against the Alphatians, conquer Landfall. They terminate their treaty with Thyatis and expel Thyatian diplomats.

AC 1011: Ramenhotep XXIV, in an effort to fill the power vacuum left by vanished Alphatia, sends Thothian forces to conquer the eastern half of the Isle of Dawn. Thothian forces take Ekto and Trikelios but are repulsed by combined Thyatian-Alphatian (Isle of Dawn) forces at East Portage. Thyatian Clerics and RAF forces responsible for defeating Thothia's undead. Resulting peace treaty gives Thothia control over Ekto and Trikelios (cities inhabited by Thothians), neutralises the Great Plateau, and confirms the independence of Dunadale and Hillvale (now Thyatian allies). Thincol decides not to invade Thothia because the presence of the Thothian threat is driving the rest of the Island into the Thyatian sphere.

Thyatian Skyship Imperial Eagle launched at Aegos. Efforts by a band of Alphatians to take control of the ship are foiled. Similarly, efforts by Thothians to corrupt Thyatis' food supply are uncovered before the plot can do much harm. Food to replace what is damaged is imported from Bellissaria with the signing of a peace treaty guaranteeing Bellissaria will not be invaded by Thyatis.

Emperor Zandor begins to create his New Alphatian Empire.

AC 1012: Thyatis begins colonisation of the (eastern) Thanegioth Archipelago in order to support their efforts in Davania.

Thincol dies and Eusebius becomes Emperor. Initiates a purge of corrupt nobles and senators, which will eventually lead to a civil war.

Zandor is overthrown and a New Alphatian Empire, centred on Bellissaria but including Aquas and Floating Ar is created. Jennites of Esterhold, after years of revolution, succeed in gaining their independence.

Heldannic Knights conquer Oceansend. Knights re-open relations with Thyatis when Eusebius is crowned, but are no longer allied.