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Thyatian Universities

by James Ruhland

University Location Areas of Study Notes
Imperial Academy Thyatis City Military Theory, Engineering, Law, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Diplomacy, Economics, Public Policy.
Academy of Music Thyatis City Music, Theatre, Construction of musical instruments.
Collegeum Arcanum (aka College of Lucinius) Thyatis City Magic, Physics, Metaphysics, Alchemy.
Great Library Thyatis City Literature, History.
The Hospition Thyatis City Health Care, Theology, Biology, Investigating abuses of magic. Headquarters of the Imperial Hospitaliers.
Collegium Navalis (aka Imperial Naval Academy) Port Lucinius Navigation, Naval Warfare, Shipbuilding.
Retebius Air Academy Retebius City Aerial Warfare, Aerodynamics, Training of flying creatures.
West Reach Cavalry School Kerendas City Cavalry Tactics, Horsemanship.
University of Biazzan Biazzan Mathematics, Hollow World Theories.
Alaysian University Tel Akbir History, Linguistics, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Alchemy, Astronomy.
Newkirk High Newkirk Linguistics, Seafaring.
Beitung Seminary Beitung Theology, Philosophy, Metaphysics.