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by Rodger Burns

(The Five-Headed Dragon, The Dominator)
Game Statistics: Celestial, Sphere of Entropy. 17th level Immortal; AC -6; hp 260; HD 31; MV 180' (60'), 420' (140') when flying; # AT 7 (five bites, two claws); D 6d8+10 (bite) and 2d8+10 (claw); AM 60%; Save IM17; AL L; Str 48, Int 30, Wis 19, Dex 22, Con 24, Cha 44. Powers: Dragon Breath, Dragon Form, Extra Attacks Per Round.
Followers' Alignment: Any. Clerics must be Lawful or Chaotic.
Special Clerical Powers: Tiamat's clerics can add an energy aura to their weapon attacks, of either fire, cold, lightning, acid or poison (cleric's choice). This aura adds +1 to the cleric's damage rolls and may have other effects (an acid aura would prevent a troll's regeneration, for instance). This ability can be used once per day at 1st level, twice per day at 2nd level, and three times per day at 3rd level and higher. Each use lasts for 6 rounds of combat.

History: Tiamat is a renegade Immortal, a dragon who has defied the Great One and stolen power from her kindred. Though she is extraordinarily Lawful in her outlook, the belief she follows is a distinctly twisted one - it has her ruling over all dragons (and eventually, all the multiverse) in a state of unquestioned superiority, with the only opposition to her reign being from desperate weaklings who struggle just enough to be amusing. Her origin has been lost to time - some myths claim that she was once a draconic servant of the Great One, others that she was a human sorceress who petitioned the Great One for Immortality. In all the tales, things end badly - Tiamat is denied her desires, betrays the Great One and dragonkind, and steals power from the bloodlines of Chaotic and Neutral dragon kindred's alike in pursuit of her ambitions.

Personality: Tiamat is cunning, devious, but ultimately crazy. Nothing mortal is quite real to her, and she'll manipulate subordinates and enemies alike with a web of threats, lies and coercion that sometimes collapses under its own weight. She despises and feels contempt for her peers among the draconic Immortals (Diamond, Opal and Pearl), and despises and hates the Great One. Her greatest desire is for more power and freedom for herself, and the ability to impose her will and deny the freedoms of others - she has accumulated many artifacts, developed Entropic servants to realise her desires and uncovered lost and terrifying secrets in

Allies: Tiamat sometimes collaborates with other Entropic Immortals in pursuit of a common goal. Her most frequent partners in such matters are Alphaks, Masauwu and Talitha.

Enemies: Diamond, Opal, Pearl and the Great One are, of course, Tiamat's greatest enemies. In addition, she has injured and offended many other Immortals over the centuries of her existence.

Appearance: Tiamat most often takes the form of a massive dragon with five long, sinuous heads - one red, one blue, one green, one white, one black. When conversing with lesser beings, she'll sometimes have the different heads disagree and bicker with one another, for show - but make no mistake, it's all Tiamat underneath.

Symbol: A silhouette of five dragon-heads, each facing in a different direction.