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Tieflings and Dragonborn in Mystara

by Shawn J

I thought I'd share what I use for my 4e campaign. Feel free to use it or not...each person's campaign is their own. As for myself, I love hearing other peoples' ideas which may spark ideas of my own.

In Mystara, the tieflings hail from the lost kingdom of Bael Rycízoth the ruins of which lay amid the Adri Varma plateau. The tiefling kingdom fell long ago in a war betwixt it and old Wendar. The conflict brought both kingdoms to the brink of destruction, yet, in the end, Wendar was victorious over Bael Rycízoth. While the armies of Wendar razed the citadels of Bael Rycízoth , many tieflings fled their land. Some came to settle in what would become Glantri, while others ventured further still. The newly-humbled tieflings took on lives of obscurity, hoping to avoid further retribution from the Wendar elves. As a people, they are virtually no more, spread thin and scattered throughout the Known World. It is rare to meet a tiefling, and far rarer to meet them in a numbers greater than three. Small enclaves do exist though, but only in the most unlikely placesóGlantri, Ethengar, Slagovich, and of course, the cities of Thyatis.

The dragonborn of Mystara have not had a unified kingdom of their own since before the rise of the Oltec. In its time, it was known as Ankioxhitalla and was magnificent to behold in all its grandeur. However, among the giant kin, it had many enemies, and it was doomed to fall by their hands. What is left of Ankioxhitalla now lies where the waters of the Arbandrine River slow and gather to become the Malpheggi swamp. Beings of great honor and long memory, the dragonborn continued their ways long after their kingdom was torn asunder by the giant hordes. For many a year, the dragonborn wandered, scattered and troubled over their turn of fortune. In time, the dragonborn gathered again into family groups in out of the way areas of Brun. Although, to this day, the scions of Ankioxhitalla remain few and are rarely encountered in the Known World, they can be found in small enclaves in Darokin, Ylaruam, Thyatis, Ierendi and Minrothad. However, the hearts of many dragonborn yearn to explore and adventure, so whilst one travels, it would not be surprising to come upon roving dragonborn either.