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Campaigns through Time

by John Calvin

BC 5000 - The golden age of elves. Elves dominate this campaign. The forest spirits have stopped sheltering the elves, and now the elves must forge out on their own. They must build and create their civilisation from the wilderness of Grunland.

Interesting questions:

Who are the forest spirits, and why did they stop sheltering the elves?

What kinds of dangers/obstacles will they face in their new environment?

BC 4000 - 3000 - The rise and fall of Blackmoor. There is plenty here, so I won't go into it.

BC 3000 - The Years of Fire. Civilisations must pick up the pieces after Blackmoor destroys itself (and most of the world with it).

BC 2300 - The Age of Taymora. Brun is beginning to support larger populations, and a few distinct civilisations have arisen including Taymora, the Kingdom of Fomorians, a Lizardmen kingdom, and several tribes of goblinoids (who are now becoming distinct). In addition Dwarves have migrated here from Skothar (for-runners of Modrigswerg) and elves are beginning to show up from the south. Most races still combat the dreaded wasting disease left in Blackmoors wake, although its affects are beginning to lessen.

BC 1750 - 1700 - (approximate time) The Rise of Nithia and the second breaking of the world. The power of Taymora is broken by the rising Nithian nation. The end of Taymora is seen when elves in Glantri trigger a Blackmoorian device that sends part of Brun's southern coast underneath the waves. The elves retreat into caves beneath the Broken Lands just ad "modern dwarves" are emerging from their underground caverns (after being modified/created by Kagyar). Humanoid hoards (Loark and Akkila-Khan) are sweeping across the land. With the fall of the humanoid hoards, the Nithians begin their expansion.

BC 1000 - Orcs, Dwarves, and Planar Invaders - Brun is a virtual battleground as Nithians, Dwarves, and Orcs battle one another in an attempt to carve out their own empires. Other nations (like the Shires) are subjugated and their populace enslaved. Some of the Nithian holdings (Traladara) are lost to hoards of Gnolls. To make matters worse people are fleeing from the East where it is reported that an aggressive nation from another plane (Alphatians) is invading their territory.

BC 500 - The Fall of Nithia. What happened to all of those in Brun that were struggling with Nithia when it was finally wiped out of their memory by the immortals. With the end of Nithia there is a vast power vacuum that must be filled. This campaign could cover the fall of Nithia as well as what happens afterward. The Hin regain their freedom. Humanoid tribes are still a threat to the area. A great hoard rises against the dwarves, but is destroyed, while a hoard of kobolds wipes out the northern gnomes.

AC 0 - The Rise of Thyatis. This might be a fun time as well. Alphatians have built up their empire and have pushed outward from their borders. New lands are conquered, yet the people are not subjugated. The culminations of this campaign could end with the Alphers being pushed back, and Zendrolion crowned. It could also continue as the Kingdom of Darokin is formed and Thyatis begins to expand their borders. Orcs also begin to make a comeback at this time.

AC 250 - Both Thyatis and Alphatia fight over what will become Ylaruam. Much desert excitement here. Dwarves are also beginning to colonise other lands (although not by force it seems).

AC 500 - The Elfwars. Darokin is wracked by chaos and war. The humans and elves fight amongst themselves, and the orcs take advantage of the situation to attack as well. [Note: Max Monas, The Stalker, and I actually wrote up an extensive history of the time as a backdrop to our Corruption of the Swords adventure. I think it could be expanded into a full campaign with a little work.]

AC 700 - The settlement of Glantri. The Flaemish and their elven neighbours battle. Thyatis and Alphatia both invade the territory, but are ultimately pushed back or absorbed into the new emerging culture.

Wow. That's a lot. I'm going to stop for now (although I haven't gone through the entire timeline yet). I started out writing these time periods down with the intent of creating a setting for a time travelling band of PC, but now I also think it might be fun to take a bunch of players through each of these time periods using period characters. Perhaps one of the PCs is even questing for immortality and is reincarnated throughout the centuries in order to complete his task.