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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese

The First Civilisations

5000 BC: The childhood of the elves is over; the forest spirits stop sheltering them, forcing them to leave paradise and to seek their own futures. The first great elf civilisation, Evergrun, develops on the southern continent in areas now under the southern icecap. (GAZ5)

The Immortals destroy the corrupt elements of the Brute-Men culture, and then cast their /Spell of Preservation/ on the Hollow World; now, sentient races places within the Hollow World will always retain their distinctive characteristics. (HW)

Far across the galaxy, on another world, a race of pale-skinned humans called the Alphatians begins to rise to pre-eminence and to study mighty magics. (DotE)

4500 BC: Beastmen - reincarnated souls of evil beings - appear in the upper Borean Valley, a frozen land north of Blackmoor. These beastmen are wild, chaotic creatures that do not breed true; whelps may have some or none of the traits of their parents, may be of different size and appearance. This is all brought about by the magic of Hel, an Immortal of the sphere of Entropy, who wants to introduce more confusion, dismay, and death into the world. (GAZ10)