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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese

"Gazetteer" and pre-Wrath Time

1000 AC: Minrothad celebrates 150 years of nationhood. Oran Meditor makes public appearances to stop rumours of his continued ill health.

In Glantri, the Brotherhood of Free Wolves is pressing hard for their own Principality under the leadership of Sire Malachie du Marais, Baron of Morlay.

Werecreatures in the southern waters of Undersea grow in numbers and strength.

Vestland is a modern nation and a strong, independent trading partner with the nations of Mystara. Ostland is a powerful, independent ally of Thyatis, aggressive and belligerent, barbaric in culture and religious practices. Soderfjord is a weak alliance of feuding minor jarls, victimised by giantish clans and Ostland pirates.

Ylaruam is under governance of sultans from Preceptors faction of al-Kalim's descendants. Its culture and economy flourishes.

Shark-kin take up arms against the land dwellers; devilfish increase their attacks on Undersea; the numbers of undead and werecreatures in the southern waters grows at an alarming rate.

Everast XV is on the throne of Rockhome.

Prince Haldemar of Alphatia foils a plot by the Rajah of Jaibul to add Putnabad to the Rajahstan of Jaibul.

The Immortals begin a conflict that eventually begins to affect mortals throughout the world.

Aegos becomes the site for an Alphatian project to dig a pit through Mystara's mantle into the Hollow World. (KW/HW)

1001 AC: Political lobbyists introduce a bill allowing the practice of clerical magic in Glantri under very strict conditions. Clerics must obtain a letter of sanction from the ruler of the dominion they wish to practice clerical magic, and the ruler has free rein over the terms of the sanction - fees imposed, types of magic allowed (healing only, etc.), expiration of the letter, and so forth. Clerics are still forbidden to preach their beliefs, regardless of any letters of sanction, and only Parliament of the Council of Princes may grant a letter of sanction to clerics operating within the free territories of Glantri.

The Council of Princes is evenly split over the matter, and the measure goes to the House of Lords at Parliament. Sire Malachie du Marais votes against it, but the measure passes. The White Wolf prepares for an infestation of lycanthropy-fighting clerics.

The Inheritors face internal conflicts and reorganise the aligned societies (the Brotherhood of Order, the Neutral Alliance, and the Friends of Freedom) into the three Orders of the Inheritors (the Order of the Ruby, the Order of Crimson, and the Order of the Flame). (RS)

1002 AC: Sire Malachie learns of an enormous silver deposit in the bedrock beneath le Chateau de Malinbois. This is a serious obstacle to his plans to control Malinbois.

1003 AC: The Council of Princes approves and Act of Enfeoffment in the economically depressed area of Bramyra, ending years of chaotic contests for control of the area.