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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese

The Modern Era

0 AC: The economies of both Thyatis and Alphatia have been wrecked by the war; the two powers conduct a peace treaty in the city of Edairo, the capital of Thothia (on the Isle of Dawn). Later, in Thyatis, General Zendrolion Tatriokanitas assassinates King Lucinius and several other kings gathered there, and crowns himself Emperor of Thyatis, Ochalea and the Pearl Islands. The Thyatians celebrate for weeks. Thyatians do some trading with Minroth islanders. (DotE)

The Traladara begin a period of regrowth as trade is slowly established with southern peoples. Peaceable demihumans (the Callarii elves and the Highforge gnomes) settle in Traladara territories; warlike demihumans (goblins, hobgoblins, orcs) do as well, in lesser numbers. (GAZ1)

Early Alasiyan agricultural settlements along coastal plain and interior desert oases.

1 AC: Yav reappears once again, attempting to fix an artifact. However, the fix drains all ambition from the Tanagoro. (CoM)

20 AC: Emperor Zendrolion dies. Empress Valentia the Justiciar issues her Citizen's Proclamation and initiates other reforms. (DotE)

21 AC: Ansel Darokin declares himself King of Darokin, beginning the reign of the Eastwind Kings. (GAZ11)

39 AC: The Flying City of Serraine makes its maiden flight. (PC2)

50 AC: An Alphatian wizard, by magical experimentation with wood-imps and pixies, creates a small humanoid race he calls the Kubitts. They average a foot and a half tall; he gives them their name from an old Milenian word for the measurement a foot and a half. He makes them independent and strong, but when he tries to force them to perform deeds against their wishes, they rise up against him and kill him.

The Immortal Vanya, smitten by these diminutive warriors, transplants the entire race to a hidden jungle valley in the Hollow World. (HW)

67 AC: Orcs living near Lake Amsorak wrest most of Darokin from its human inhabitants in this bloody summer. The humans and elves of Darokin join forces to drive the orcs out; they're successful. Thousands of orcs flee into Nagpuri, slaying and pillaging as they overrun the lands. Nagpuri's warriors must contend with orc troubles for the next decade. (GAZ10/GAZ11)

87 AC: Aden I, King of Darokin, is killed by orcs, ending the Eastwind reign. (GAZ11)

88 AC: Orcs make major gains against the leaderless Darokin humans, forcing the Elves of Alfheim to support Corwyn Attleson as a compromise choice to lead Darokin. The reign of Darokin Kings begins. (GAZ10/GAZ11)

100 AC: Descendants of Makistani tribal nomads are driven into Ylaruam from Ethengar by Muhuli Khan and settle the Ust-Urt Valley. (GAZ2)

Celedryl of the Erendyl clan is crowned king of Alfheim. (GAZ5)

Goblinoid hordes sweep the Savage Coast again. Tortle civilisation falls, and humans, dwarves, and elves remaining along the eastern coast are prompted to build permanent settlements. (RS)

100 - 150 AC: Three prominent families rise to power in the Asanda plain - the Pratikutas of Putnabad (which includes present-day Jaibul and Jalawar), the Rastrapalas of Shajarkand, and the Mahavarmans of Nagpuri and Gunjab. Throughout the century, successive generations gain and lose power and ground in almost constant struggles for control. (CoM)

122 AC: In Darokin, Corwyn I dies after a long and successful reign. His son, Corwyn II, assumes power. (GAZ11)

130 AC: First contact by humanoids with shadow elves. Shadow elves rejected by Celedryl. Campaign of shadow-elf incitement of humanoids against surface elves begins.

150 AC: Thyatians begin colonising into the southeastern coastal plain and the foothills of the Altan Tepes range in Ylaruam, enslaving and assimilating, and scattering the indigenous population. (GAZ2/DotE)

179 AC: The Pratikutas seize control of the entire length of the Asanda River and most of the Salt Swamp - despite internal problems with revolts and rebellions. (CoM)

186 AC: Rajah Vijay Pratikuta dies, leaving Putnabad to Sarad, his only son. Rajah Sarad's weak rule loses all but a fraction of Putnabad's territory. Newly-powerful families rule in Jalawar and Jhengal. Other rajahs suspect these new rulers are shape shifters. (CoM)

200 AC: Rockhome dwarves begin colonising into outside lands; they are usually welcomed into human communities.

The Atruaghin Clans begin trade with Sind and Darokin. (GAZ14)

250 AC: The Alphatians begin colonising into the northern and central coastal plain of Ylaruam, enslaving and scattering the indigenous population. Some of the Ylari driven out by the Alphatian and Thyatian aggression migrate to Darokin. The Alphatians also found the colony of New Alphatia on the Isle of Dread; Alphatian magic is adapted to seafaring needs. (GAZ2/DotE)

Alphatian settlers colonise the side of Trader's Isle left uninhabited by the Minroth traders. At first they fight, but soon trade wins over war. (DotE)

Nomads driven from their homelands in Ylaruam by Thyatian colonists make their way into Darokin and then into Sind. They bring with them single-humped dromedaries, fine horses, and techniques for making /flying carpets/. Some settle in Sindhi towns. Many more find kindred spirits in the Urduk nomads west of Sind and add their herds and desert traditions to those of their new-found brethren. Rajahs seeking to strengthen their armies with Ylari warriors try to attract Ylari settlers to their lands.

276 AC: Human and elf cultures in the Isles of Dread meet and establish trade.

284 AC: Minrothian and Alphatian cultures clash on Dread Island over slave trading issues; elves force the humans to make peace.

293 AC: Last of the orc tribes driven from Darokin.

300 AC: The water elf trading port of Seahome is established on Alfeisle in the Minrothad isles.

313 AC: The Hattian Rebellion. Emperor Alexian II crushes the revolt and establishes Thyatian dominance.

330 AC: A group of humans exploring deep underground finds the shadow elves and rekindles their interest in the surface world.

360 AC: Minroth traders carry slaves for Thyatian Empire; halfling slaves are introduced to the Isles of Dread.

390 AC: Disastrous humanoid raid on Alfheim. Some orcs captured.

395 AC: The Flaems, an offshoot of the Alphatians from the original Alphatian homeworld, settle the Glantri area where they discover the Radiance. They bring natural strains of bear and boar lycanthropy.