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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese

The Era of Blackmoor

4000 BC: The human Blackmoor civilisation begins a meteoric rise due to its great success in developing powerful sciences and technologies. It conquers and assimilates all surrounding human tribes and quickly grows very powerful.

Another human civilisation, the Oltecs, begins a more stately rise toward civilisation in lands far to the south of Blackmoor. Protected by deep forests and sheltering hills, they do not have any communication with Blackmoor. (GAZ14)

With the situation on the outer world relatively stable, the Immortals confine themselves to placing a few human tribes and a few animal species within the Hollow World; this is a time of comparative peace there. (HW)

On the Alphatians' world, the Alphatians defeat the Cypris civilisation... and begin to be assimilated by it. (DotE)

3850 BC: A group of warlike, flatland tribes are colonised by the Oltecs. These tribes fiercely cling to their distinct heritage in spite of the Oltec conquerors. (GAZ14)

3500 BC: The Blackmoor civilisation is flourishing. It conducts trade and intermittent war with the southern elves, at the other end of the world. Four clans of elves colonise in the region near Blackmoor. Both the southern and the colonial elves embrace Blackmoor's technology. Blackmoor priests demand the extermination of the "unnatural" beastmen in the Borean Valley, and promote holy wars to hunt down and destroy those creatures.

Following a failed military coup, a rift occurs in the Oltec civilisation; the more aggressive Azcan tribes declare their independence and begin to wage war on the Oltecs. According to modern Azcan histories, the hated former masters were overthrown and enslaved. In fact, the Oltecs and Azcans exist side by side for almost five centuries, alternating war and commerce, until outside forces literally destroy the world they know. (GAZ14)

The widespread Neathar race is beginning to undergo development; the language in individual areas changes rapidly into very different dialects, and the independent Neathar tribes no longer recognise a kinship or a common origin among themselves. (HW)

A large number of Neathar tribes are placed in the Hollow World so that the original Neathar culture will be preserved. They are placed to the north of the great equatorial mountain range, away from the Brute-Men. They swiftly grow in numbers and spread in all directions through the northern hemisphere. (HW)

On the Alphatians' world, the Alphatian/Cypris civilisation uses its magical knowledge to begin colonisation and conquest of nearby planets and exploration of the elemental planes. (DotE)

3400 BC: To avoid the ongoing war in their homeland, some Oltecs migrate to the Savage Coast, settling the eastern and central shores. Manscorpions and tortles already live along the central coast, and aranea and Wallara civilisations flourish on the western end. (RS)

3300 BC: Ka now implements Korotiku's ideas for a massive centre of mortal knowledge in the Hollow World. He instructs certain very wise beings of all sentient races to travel to a very secluded mountain valley; there, they are to interact, to build a great library, to accumulate and exchange knowledge. This secret library, protected by Ka all through its history, is to become the Lighthouse. (HW)

3200 BC: The Blackmoor crusades drive the Beastmen farther north, into the land called Hyperborea; they adapt to the colder climate and survive.

3100 BC: Aquarendi elves seek the guardianship of Manwara, an Immortal of the Sea, and enter the warm waters to begin a new life. (PC3)