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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese


? BC: Creation of Mystara

? BC: Creation of Life: Once the world was shaped, life is created upon its (outer) surface over thousands or even millions of millennia. Some species and races evolve naturally; others are created by ancient, elemental Immortals and by unknown forces. (HW)

As some of these races learn to manipulate magic, they too begin creating entirely new species. And as they probe ever deeper into the workings of magic, some of them learn of the path they could take to Immortality. A few of the ones who learned of the path actually set out on it. A /very/ few of the ones who set out on the path actually achieve Immortality. (HW)

A time so ancient most scholars know nothing of it: Mystara is occupied by great beasts of all sizes and varieties - - especially huge reptiles. (HW)

A thousand years after his birth, Ka the Preserver stumbles on the path to Immortality, and becomes one of the earliest of the world's Immortals. (HW)

? BC: A great meteor, a rock the size of a large island, slams into Mystara, causing massive environmental changes and threatening thousands of species with extinction. (HW)

? BC: After the thousands of years it took to preserve as many species as possible, Ka, exploring the crater of the great meteor, follows a series of cracks and fissures and discovers the World-Shield and the Hollow World, which is currently only a hole in the ground (although the greatest hole in the ground there could possibly ever be). (HW)

? BC: Over subsequent millennia, Ka, Ixion, Ordana, and Korotiku sculpt and alter the Hollow World into a giant preserve of species and cultures. Ka opens great shafts a few miles across from the outer world to the Hollow World at the poles. (HW)

? BC: As the millennia pass, more and more races and cultures are preserved in the Hollow World. (HW)