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The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara

by Daniel Boese

Poor Wizard's Almanacs

1010 AC: The nations of the Known World begin the long, difficult process of rebuilding.

In Glantri, the Principality of Fenswick is enfeoffed.

Sind is still occupied by the Master's forces. Chandra ul-Nervi is a virtual prisoner in his palace; the rajahs and maharajahs are no more than puppet rulers. The Master licks his wounds and launches more attacks against Darokin - from the sea.

Dwarves stumble upon the city of Oenkmar.

Unusual amounts of snow runoff from the mountains flood Graakhalia, Darokin, and the Five Shires.

The shadow elves in Aengmor (former Alfheim) realise that without the Alfheim elves' maintenance spells, their forest will die. In desperation, they enlist the help of elves in Norwold in developing spells similar to those spells the Alfheim elves had used.

Shadow Elves exploring the lower crust discover the Schattenalfen elves of the Hollow World and open diplomatic relations with their long-lost relatives. (KW/HW)

Thyatis drives hard into the Alphatian regions of the Isle of Dawn, retaking all of the Isle except Helskir and Thothia. Thyatis also drives Ylaruam's small forces from its territory on Brun.

Hule raids Darokin, threatening trade with the west.

Three Alphatian mages posing as magical spirits invade the Atruaghin Plateau, subjugate the Clans, and destroy the World Elevator.

The Great Khan of Ethengar attacks the Heldannic Territories, hoping for a quick victory while the Heldannic forces are occupied with conquering Landfall and other matters. Months of besieging Grauenberg, skirmishing with Heldannic troops, and raiding Heldannic settlements result in very little gain for Moglai Khan. Changing tactics, he proposes peace with the Heldanners, and they become uneasy allies.

King Thar steps down in favour of his adviser, King Kol IV of the kobolds.

Rockhome dwarves resurface, drive off humanoid invaders.

Darokin, The Five Shires, Ylaruam, Rockhome, and Karameikos form the Western Defence League, each pledging to aid any of the League's members in time of war or disaster.

Overcrowding among the Hollow World Jennites contributes to the rapid spread of a disease that the Jennite clerics cannot halt. A Nithian healer named Tibnuhati cures the plague before it devastates the Jennite herds, but there is no guarantee the plague will not strike again. (HW)

The Malpheggi Lizard Men suffer an epidemic that reminds them of the Nithian disease that had once destroyed their people. The epidemic kills a thousand lizard men. (HW)

Henri battles Isidore and Richard over who will succeed Etienne d'Ambrevilles as Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne. Isidore kills Henri in a magical duel.

Thaumont 25: The Immortals awake Alphatia in the Hollow World. (HW)

Kaldmont: The Five Shires declare war on the Black Eagle Barony and march in to free its oppressed people.

1011 AC: Plague, famine, and food riots strike Thyatis City and the countryside.

Karameikan School of Magecraft founded at Krakatos, near Specularum.

Atruaghin Clans revolt against their Alphatian masters, regain their freedom.

Heldannic Knights seize Oceansend in Norwold, establish Heldannic rule.

Inevitable death of Canolbarth becomes obvious.

New Kolland becomes the first humanoid principality in Glantri, with King Kol as its Prince.

Civil war in Rockhome between King Everast XV and the mad golem Denwarf; King Everast XVI crowned.

Thar allies himself with King Alebane of Ogremoor to invade Rockhome while the dwarves are caught in a civil war. The campaign is a disaster; in disgrace, Thar flees to the Makkres Mountains of Vestland.

Thothia retaliates against Thyatis. Rallying the "Alphatian Irregulars" (divisions of the fragmented Alphatian military), Pharaoh Ramenhotep pushes the Thyatian armies out of Thothia, through Trikelios, and all the way to Ekto.

The Floating continent of Alphatia manages to drive the Heldannic Knights from the Hollow World. (HW)

Nuwmont: The Five Shires capture Ludwig von Hendriks, the Black Eagle Baron.

1012 AC: Joam Astlar appointed Sheriff of Seashire; Jaervosz Dustyboots pursues the nefarious Black Eagle.

Riots continue in Thyatis. Emperor Thincol I dies; Eusebius succeeds him.

Specularum, Karameikos is renamed to Mirros. King Stefan names his daughter, Adriana, heir.

Port of Neuhafen opens in Heldannic Territories.

Soderfjord Jarldoms enter the modern age by electing a king: Ragnar I, the Stout.

Humanoids, dwarves, and shadow elves war for Oenkmar, ancient city sacred to the elves, who win it.

Magical rain slows Canolbarth's inevitable death.

The first Annual World Games are held in Selenica.

Subtle events mould a darker, more sinister Glantri.

The Great Waste is primarily home to creatures loyal to the Master of Hule and to people trying desperately to survive in spite of the invaders.

1013 AC: